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          Allowing phones in schools will cause distractions and other significant problems in the classroom, or will they? Phones should be a learning tool instead of a distraction. Several teachers disagree and claim that allowing phones in school is a bad idea and honestly, they are partially correct (“Cell Phones in New York City schools”). If phones are allowed in classrooms they will be a distraction, however, if students have their phones silenced it will not affect fellow students around them. Teachers may argue that having phones in the classroom will bring down students’ grades, and again they are correct; however, if students are always on their phones during class they will see a significant drop in their grades because they are not focusing on their assignments and lessons given to them. I believe that this drop in grades would be an incentive to focus more on class and less on their phones. Some schools allow students to use their phones as long as they are silenced and students are not using their devices to communicate with other people. Whether teachers allow phones or not, students will still go on their devices but, if they are given that privilege of using them they won’t feel the need to rebel and go on their phones in the middle of class despite what their teacher says. Teachers are aware of the advancement in technology and acknowledge the fact that this is one distraction that they can’t do anything about           In fact, some teachers will allow their students to use their phones as a learning tool. For example, teachers might let them use their phones to access the internet, do research for a project, or use the calculator function for more challenging equations (“Cell phone use in class”). Some schools favor iPads and provide Students with them instead of having students take out their phone. However, some schools that do not provide iPads have students download apps on their phones to do experiments in science or to discuss literature in their English class. A surprising amount of teachers have given up on trying to prohibit Phones and have started doing research on how to make the phones into a teaching tool instead of a distraction (“Schools seek balance for cellphones in school”).

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