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                           “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage    to pursue them” My father runs a business, which he inherited from his father. What commenced as a small business has gradually developed and expanded through the years. However, with the unique challenges and ever-evolving nature of the modern business world, it has become more arduous for businesses such as this to compete. Increasing  costs and lower profits in recent years has threatened the vitality of this company.

This has been the main factor in my decision to pursue studies of marketing- the brain, soul and heart of any industry in the globalised world. Today, the boundaries between countries are swiftly disappearing,  so the understanding of marketing requires a more holistic and international approach.Education is an investment that will reap affluent dividends in the future and will never go a waste, so I have chosen this marketing course in university which gives me a judicious career desire in my life. I am a staunch believer of the fact, that if one has to do something, they should do it impeccably. The education system in the UK, one of the most progressive nations of the world, is laden with best opportunities, additionally, the field of marketing is well established here and hence was the conspicuous choice for pursuing a marketing degree.I desire to do my best by becoming an expert in this field through international exposure of the marketing industry which is essential for growth in this highly competitive and progressive world. And, through this, I opted to understand the nuances of analyzing and strategizing for sustainable and long-term growth in global firms. I hope to learn the latest marketing techniques and theories while developing a broader and more international perspective.

The choice to work in the UK for a one year during my studies offers me the chance to practice what has been learnt. The entire purpose of exposing oneself to a multinational environment would have been rendered null and void if the opportunity to implement the cognition by working in such an environment was not there.I hold a good academic record with a CGPA of 9.0 on 10 pt scale in my 10th grade. Currently, business studies is my favourite subject and I have even received appreciation from my teacher  for preparing the best business project file.

Apart from this, I have represented my school in sundry commerce cultural programmes. A year back I endeavoured my hand at marketing, by interning in a jewellery showroom -Surendra & Co jewellers and diamond merchants and exhaustively relished the experience.Being a very curious person, I’ve always felt this pull to work in a medium that avails me give expression to my creativity. Although  I am a commerce student I have a flair for the arts and have participated in several art competitions and helped organise events outside my school hours.I have been awarded many awards in elocution competitions and have also taken part in many drama programs, which has helped develop my spontaneity and become an excellent improviser.I volunteer at the local old age home on weekends, which has helped me work well with other people along with learning to look deeper inside people and not judging them by their appearance or background.

 Since I’m zealous about keeping fit and healthy, I swim and am a part of my school swimming team.I have a passion for travelling and understanding different cultures of the world.I  feel that one should be exposed to people of different cultures, backgrounds, countries etc. This element has given me a very broad perspective, along with varying degrees of erudition in a range of topics. I vigorously believe that although some are not related directly, all these qualities will influence my graduate work.

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