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All marketing definitions focus on target markets and consumers because they are the elements of the marketing process and the objective of any marketing activity is to satisfy the customers and meet their desires and needs.

Marketing is a social and economic administrative activity that cares about all the members of the society as it is an integrated system. No part of its parts can be separated from the other. Sales cannot achieve the marketing objective alone, there must be promotion and distribution. Sales department is responsible for planning, implementation and supervision of the personal sales program designed to achieve and achieve the sales objectives of the organization and within the overall marketing strategy of the institution.The Important Concepts:Sales force compensation pertains to the way sales representatives are paid. Some sales reps have 100 percent of their wages or income guaranteed.

This type of payment structure can be used to improve customer service, encouraging sales reps to spend more time with customers. Other sales reps have part of their income guaranteed, while the other portion is not guaranteed. Sales reps have to meet certain sales goals to earn income that is not guaranteed. The compensation of a sales force is often contingent upon the industry or other competitors.The definition of sales management is the sales department is responsible for planning, implementation and control of the personal sales program designed to achieve and achieve the sales objectives of the organization and within the overall marketing strategy of the institution.A successful salesperson enjoys a degree of organization and independence of work while a successful sales manager has the ability to interact with the parties inside and outside the organization as well as to be responsible for all activities for all sales representatives.

what is the Size of sales force? it is the selling power or personal selling in its simple concept is the group of individuals who direct the promotion and direct selling of the products of the enterprise. The concept of marketing has introduced a new formula for the role of the sales force. It is considered a promotional method, although it is considered a distribution method. Promotional role is part of the promotional activity. Summary:Get the tools to develop incentive plans that will empower your sales force and deeply impact your organization. Compensation plans are more than just rewards – they are strategies.

By adapting the incentive compensation plan, you can indirectly direct your sales teams towards specific goals.Through discussions, case analysis, and training, Kellogg College of Sales and Marketing Management is a leading force compensation expert to help you understand key issues and latest approaches to designing and implementing effective motivational and motivational sales force plans, and a performance monitoring team to measure results.Topics include compensation plan components, measurement methods to obtain sales force compensation, drivers of sales force performance, approach to quota determination, implementation methods.

Combine the causes :Companies base compensation on numerous factors. Some companies pay more attention to the following factors than others do but almost all companies use some form of analysis to set compensation. Market research about the worth of similar jobs in the marketplace: Numerous companies do formal salary surveys that can help companies determine the market rate of a job.

In these salary surveys, companies report their current pay and benefits for jobs based on the job description.The survey company then compiles the data and reports it back to the participants. These findings can be extremely accurate. They provide good insight into the competitive rates employers are paying in the marketplace for the employees performing the same or similar job duties. There are also online database websites for salary information, where data is collected nationally and internationally.

These sites such as and provide recommended salary ranges taking into consideration factors such as the job market, the location of the job, the size of the company offering the job, and the job duties and responsibilities. is recommended for its accuracy in the Midwest.The data is not as accurate as that of a salary survey because they are self-reported by the employees.

They are not comprehensive on all of the components of an employee compensation package either. The job descriptions these salaries are based on are not as detailed as the ones in the salary surveys. Two people with wildly different responsibilities in two different companies may have identical titles, resulting in confusion as to what the appropriate compensation really should be for the employee. It is also critical to consider local economies and company size. For instance, you will need to pay an administrative assistant to the CEO of a Fortune 100 company in New York City considerably more than the administrative assistant to the CEO of a company with 30 people in a small town in Iowa. Their job titles are identical—Administrative Assistant to the CEO—but their pay is completely different.

There are mane difficulty of assessing performance. Personal bias: We may see that the supervisor or president may be biased against or with an individual working at the establishment for reasons unrelated to the subject of the assessment, thereby affecting his / her assessment of that individual. 2. Overstatement: Some supervisors tend to go over boarding, The evaluation comes from some supervisors for all individuals, while others are low. This is due to the supervisors’ perception of the employees under their supervision with an extreme view of high estimates or low estimates. 3 – The trend toward the average estimates: This is due to the inability of the supervisor to determine the actual level of performance Individual or desire In the behavior of the easy way of evaluation. 4.

The evaluator’s bias towards certain factors: Therefore, the supervisor evaluates this person based on his judgment on one factor of evaluation. The end result is an objective evaluation of the employees. The behavior of individuals in the last period before the evaluation: If the behavior of the individual in this period satisfactory behavior and performance of his work well received a high estimate even if the performance before it is unsatisfactory and vice versa.6 – Influence of the desire of the administration: If the desire of the Department is to move promotions in Established, the superiors accordingly will serve to give Excellent estimates for their subordinates even if they do not deserve these estimates so that they can take advantage of existing promotion opportunities and vice versa.Presentation in companies has becomes clear that the process of evaluating the performance of any of the enterprises is an important problem, which is dangerous and important for the progress and success and achievement of its objectives set through this process the employees feel the fairness of the management in its assessment of the employees, and in this sense, the employees themselves are dedicated to their work and do their utmost in The systems used to measure the efficiency of the performance of modern management tools that facilitate the work of differentiation and comparison of workers on the basis of sound science eliminate the disadvantages of improvisation and bias, and supports the good relations between employees and their bosses on the basis of And between them and their colleagues on the other hand, which fosters confidence and strengthens it between management and employees in general.Uncertainty and risk confronting salespeopleOne of the biggest problems facing the delegate not to know the full product that is marketed to him since it is necessary to know the representative everything about the producer and also another problem is not to know the market and competitors around him within the same area of work and region.

The will is the real problem that is updated, and even the remnant of everything, as the sages say, and without will, no civilization will occur, no nation will achieve victory, but without will, we will defeat existing civilizations and another will take its place. It is clear that will will always need to be made, This is a goal we can not reach unless we care about the building and care of individuals. It is a continuous and wise care to adopt their ideas and their personalities on a logical and sound basis that balances the goals, possibilities, benefits and disadvantages. Hence, we can judge the efficient and successful man through his treatment and dealing with these situations. The aspirations of individuals and the increasing expectations are bound to the lives of people at different levels and objectives, but the rule that we should pay attention to in the management of institutions is not every expectation should To respond to him and it is not wise to respond to all of them, some of them true and true must be dealt with positively ..

And the mistake is not enough response and non-response unless we put a remedy to solve the crisis will not reflect a disease growing and growing tension over the days. But may return as often in many cases to a serious psychological condition that affects the owner frustration and a sense of failure and perhaps undermine confidence in others, especially responsible managers and the result reflected on the interests of individuals and paralyzed by the enthusiasm and the rush to do more. This is a difficult issue that will always make us feel inferior to men, lack of talent and lack of the right man for the right place. I do not think that the successful man overlooks this interconnected chain of threats, which, when one ends, the other begins to reflect the negative situation on the work and the workers, and paralyzes the institution and the apparatus or retreats and stays in the last convoy. Therefore, there is no room for ignoring the first to stand in front of the second, as there is no room for forgetting the second so as to prevent the occurrence of the third. Therefore, the first responsibilities of the successful man and the most important .is the permanent follow – up work atmosphere and sharpen the enthusiasm and pumping souls with enthusiasm and momentum and intensify communication and dialogue and unifying ideas or approximation.

The work is not only complete with muscles, not only ideas, but together, and unless there is a good harmony between ideas and energies, the problem will remain intractable.Investment of salespeople:The role of the investment sales professional is simply to find the capital that is essential to develop and sustain the economy. This capital ultimately comes from individuals, but there are a variety of paths taken to its deployment. There is the direct investor who a sales professional must find and persuade to take the risk of parting with money for a investment. There is also the myriad of indirect investors who must be found and persuaded to put money into a financial institution, with the promise of some potential benefit (investment returns, capital preservation, insurance, etc.

). Then there are the sales professionals that must persuade financial institutions to invest directly or put money in other financial institutions. Additional further research : The availability of employees with like skills in the marketplace: When only one person in the town has a skill and two companies need that skill, the bidding wars can start. When only one company needs a particular skill and has two people to choose from who can both do it, they don’t need to pay the employee as much money. The organization with alternatives does not need to compensate the chosen employee with more than the going market rate.

The desire of the employer to attract and retain a particular employee: If a company really wants a particular employee, then they’ll pay more.If a company has a reputation as a horrible place to work, they may need to pay more to attract employees, for example.The profitability of the company or the funds available in a non-profit or public-sector setting: Often, non-profit or public sector businesses pay less. People are willing to work for them anyway because they believe in the mission and vision of the organization.

The work of the organization may be consistent with their own personal values. Or, in the case of government employment and unionized workplaces, the employees may value their job security and expected increases in an increasingly volatile world—more than they value increased compensation.The marketing and sales specialization provides students with an analytical and comprehensive understanding of marketing skills. By completing the program, students will be able to analyze, interpret, and provide information on marketing and sales activities and services to be used by companies and institutions to meet and sustain customer needs through the development of innovative products and services, on which to build successful brands and provide excellent return on investment. A graduate student in marketing and sales will be able to use a wide range of modern and practical marketing tools and techniques in various public and private nonprofit organizations. Finding and suggestion:  It has been found that marketing is a business activity that cares about a lot of activities in individuals and society.

One of the goals of marketing is sales which can not be separated from consolidation and distribution. We have also found that marketing is very important especially in activities that seek to discover the desires of customers and develop a range of products or services that satisfy their desires and achieve the organization profitability during a suitable period of time. It is very important to get pre-executed steps to get high sales for the company. Our proposal to increase sales is to give sales staff a constant reason to increase sales. There are so many companies that depend on their sales staff to increase sales incentives in the workplace because they motivate their employees through trips or household appliances or a financial amount to increase sales itself.Encourage your employees to increase sales:In essence, increased sales involve the addition of new products or services to your product lines, making them convenient and necessary to ensure that customers are interested in purchasing them.

Putting more products near your usual products will not increase your sales much. But to increase sales successfully, customers must be convinced of the benefits and benefits of new products and services. Inform your customers of everything new inside:This happens most often when shopping at retail stores. “I think you might want to come back next week and we’re going to cut next week by about 20 percent on all of our products,” he said. Lesson: If you have a discount, tell your customers about it. They will return to you – they will probably bring some of their friends with them. (Do not forget – you can tell your customers everything at home by e-mail or by phone).  Methodology:  The Company’s compensation plan consists of one or more of the following components first, pay basis: The remuneration consists of fixed payment based on a time period for all employees and sellers on an equal basis.

Second, The Committee: The Commission is the amount paid for the actual work. It is a form of pay-based piece. Commissions are paid based on sales volume.

The commission rate may be fixed or variable depending on the company’s policy. Third,  Expenses: In addition to the base and commission pay, additional expenses are paid. In most cases, companies pay actual expenses or a lump sum to cover expenses.

Expenses include travel, accommodation, boarding, sales expenses such as telephone, telegraph, customer expenses, entertainment allowances, etc. Forth, Reward: Some companies pay a bonus. Note that the bonus is not part of normal payment and is not mandatory for payment. It is extra payment made for extra work done by sellers and / or for their outstanding achievements. The bonus can be paid equally or with respect to sales.

Fifth, Advantages margin: Companies pay some amount to sellers as marginal advantages of a better life. The benefits of margin covers paid vacation, free holiday home, insurance premiums, savings fund, car or scooter allowance, bonus, medical allowance, club membership, educational expenses for children, and so forth. Sixth, Profit sharing: A portion of the net profit (profits after all legal provisions are made) is distributed among the sellers and, by merging one or more of these components, an appropriate reward plan is drawn up, the remuneration plan must be sufficient, attractive and stimulating. Ways to reward salespeople or alternative reward plans: The rewards plan must be attractive to attract and motivate sellers.

Using different components, different methods are possible to suit different requirements of the company and / or sellers’ expectations. Each method rewards its advantages, disadvantages and suitability.

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