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All in all,
throughout my research, I have learned the true dangers of gambling. Although
don’t get me wrong, gambling can be very fun at times, and can also create a
sense of thrill that you can’t get from anything else, gambling is an
addiction. It is a disease that can’t be cured by an individual alone. In order
to fix the problem, we need to first address the problem. We must seek help for
our friends who we think might have a gambling problem, and must reach out to
those whose minds are still growing to explain the upcoming problems caused by
gambling. I can admit that I am a gambler myself. I like to take risks in life.
However, I would never do anything that would harm others and myself. But why
do we as a society still feel the need to shun those who are risk takers? Those
who seem to want to be successful more than they want to breathe are the ones
who we will all work for one day. And these people are the same ones who you
can find taking a gamble in life every single day. I’m not here to tell you to
not take risks. Without taking risks in life we would all be wearing a suit and
tie to work everyday in a cubicle from 9-5. What I am encouraging you to do is
to help those who need it the most. If we all can come together to help one
another we can one day fix this “disease.” Although it is a problem that a
gambler can’t admit they need help, it is an even bigger problem that we don’t reach
out and try to help them anyways. We are just as big as a problem as they are, and
I encourage you to go out and help those who need it most.

A gambling
addiction is just as bad as any addiction. Just like a alcohol and drug
addiction, a gambling addiction can ruin lives and ruin families. A gambling
addiction should be just as important as any other addiction when being treated
for. It is hard to tell if someone has a gambling problem because they are
capable of lying with a perfectly straight face. This is done because they are
able to lie and convince their selves that they do not have a problem so it
makes it easier to convenience others. “As with any other addiction it’s
destructive, progressive and life-threatening. It’s an addictive illness in
which a person is driven by an overwhelming, uncontrollable impulse to gamble,
much as an alcoholic is driven to drink. It’s similar to other addictions, in
that it progresses in a person’s life with an urgency and intensity that takes
up increasing amounts of time, energy, emotional and financial resources” (Stuart 104). A gambling addiction is a
disease and as time goes on this gets worse which will ultimately destroy their
lives. As this gets worse the individual will further distract and distract
themselves from life to hide the fact that they have an addiction. Gambling is
just as much of a problem for an individual as any other addiction and should
be treated with the best resources as possible.

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addiction has caused many problems for adults all throughout America. Gambling
addiction has caused many adults to go into bankruptcy, lose their job, and
even not get hired for a job. Gamblers tend to be intelligent, outgoing, and
competitive individuals that almost seems to be perfect for what companies are
looking for when they hire a new employee. However, “the gambler becomes
unreliable, misses deadlines and meetings, and gambling, such as depression,
anxiety, and high blood pressure, may surface. Employees with gambling problems
have a high rate of suicide and attempted suicide, and stressed family members
are also at risk of committing suicide” (Broffman 13). Due to the effects from gambling a gambler will not be able
to perform well in the work place because they typically will take risk on
things that they see would work in their favor. Even though a gamble does not need
to be done an employee with an gambling problem will still take the risks.

Gambling addiction can start at a young age. Even at times
that we do not think that this addiction is form it is. For example, just by an
adult taking their child to a horse race and betting on a horse, can cause the
child to feel the intensity of gambling and want to do it again. “Young people
approach gambling for very innocent reasons, often with the endorsement of
their parents and families. The readily available scratch-and-win card is the
form of gambling most often used by young adolescents, but afternoon poker
games, betting on sporting events, and participation in sweepstakes and 50-50
draws also enjoy a social “stamp of approval”” (Buja, Alessandra, et al. 425). We should be aware
when we are gambling whether it is in a poker game or by just playing the
lottery. By knowing when we are gambling, we cannot do it in front of children
or young adults so that the younger generation has a less chance of being affected
by gambling addiction. However this is not the case. Many adults do influence
gambling in young adults. “It is against the law for individuals under
the age of 18 to engage in most legal forms of gambling, but it is easy to find
adults willing to help or let them gamble, so the legal restriction is no
obstacle to their experimenting with such activities” (Buja, Alessandra, et al. 425). Adults should not
allow young adults under the age of eighteen because it is illegal and young
adults should learn about the harmful effects that gambling can cause to a

Gambling is a major issue among many American’s to this day.
According to Rehab International, “A recent research reveals that in America,
approximately 2.5 million adults suffer from compulsive gambling, about 3
million are considered problem gamblers, around 15 million adults are under the
risk of becoming problem gamblers and 148 million fall under the low risk
gambler category” (2017). Low-risk gambling is the most common and this is where
many gamblers fall under. “Evidence from recent studies of gambling and the
distribution of harm across lower and higher risk gamblers is reviewed to examine the contention that the
absolute burden of harm is greater in low-risk gamblers than the problem
gamblers” (Daniel and Delfabbro
163). Even people that are active in low-risk gambling should receive equal
treatment as any other addiction. Another form of gambling is called disordered
gambling and this is the worst classified addiction in gambling. “Disordered
gambling is a progressive addiction characterized by an increasing
preoccupation with gambling. This involves a need to bet more money more
frequently, causing restlessness or irritability when attempting to stop, as
well as “chasing” losses, and a loss of control, manifested by
continuation of gambling behavior in spite of mounting, serious, negative
consequences” (Broffman 12). This
type of addiction has the most harm when it comes to families and the individual
them self. This type of gambling causes many disruptions in all different
aspects in life including physiological, social, financial, and even physical.

Are we blind to the fact that everything we do in life is a
gamble? When a brave man decides to quit his job to pursue his dream of
creating his very own Italian restaurant, we cheer him on and encourage him.
Now there is another man who is playing in a Texas Hold’em Tournament with five
thousand other contestants, hoping to take home that grand prize of one million
dollars to take care of his loving wife and two little boys. They both are
taking a risk to obtain a greater reward, but we only see the good in one of
them. I personally enjoy playing poker games. I love the way the dealer can
throw the cards across the table like ninja stars and they never mess up. I also
love the adrenaline I have when I know I’m winning. However, with every great
win in a poker game, brings an even greater loss. There is a famous quote by
Isaac Newton which states “what comes up must come down.” Although this relates
to gravity this quote can be used in any casenario. In a gambling aspect, when
you have more money, there is a bigger chance of you losing more money. Losing
a lot of money can cause someone to have depression, suicidal thoughts, and
anxiety. This can also lead to a person losing their jobs, or families. Our
problem in society is we tend to look away at those who we believe that have a
gambling problem, and instead we should be seeking help for them. Most of those
who have a problem don’t want to, or don’t think they have a problem and will
not admit it. Although it is hard for a problem gambler to admit they need
change, it makes it a whole lot easier when they have the support of others
around them.

The real problem of gamblers.

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