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Align:start Music you didn’t think I only had one cup of coffee
today did you RV living is becoming popular again a lot of YouTube
channels are even glamorizing the lifestyle if you’ve been following us
for a while you know that we live in a little 19 foot palace so we
thought we’d make a video telling you the truth about what it’s like to
live in an RV full-time in case you’re wondering we did ask RV companies
if they wanted to sponsor this video and they all said nope I don’t
know why numero uno every single space in here has to have multiple
purposes if not uncommon for there to be coffee and laptops and
groceries and laundry and sometimes the cat on this table which makes it
chaotic and honestly sometimes it just gets on your nerves it is an
absolute miracle that we have not put one coffee down one of these
laptops yet Oh it’ll happen trust me I know it doesn’t but it’ll happen I
know the days cause I’m just not looking forward to it probably because
of this one yes this one likes to do kamikaze jump onto the table which
are often unannounced which results in great surprise and who knows
what’s in the landing area dope would you believe that it’s the middle
of the day right now yeah it’s that dark in here alive wait does one
more one of the best things we did was upgrade our lights one day think
we bought a few bulbs for like six bucks and there were LEDs and we
replaced a lot of the incandescent lights that were in here those bulbs
turn out to be junk we have they’re like flickering right all the time
it looked like Astro but it exactly is going on in the RV right I’m
sorry boo-boo I know you’ve broken optical music anyway so we did a
bunch of research and we found these like really high quality bulb and
it merely makes it homey in here so even though it’s a really small
space we have really good lighting because they’re LED they don’t take
much power and so we are not ashamed to turn every one of these lights
on and leave them on you know it’s just the reality of RVs they don’t
have a lot of windows and because we put it in a garage to protect us
from the beautiful weather outside they don’t have windows and so the
amount of natural light coming in here whether they call it sad like
seasonal attitude disorder or something like that and really easy to get
in on our view I thought what a chance for what are the snip works also
what are you I have seen a lot of food – sort of like 12 months of
great cooking can certainly be a challenge because there’s like
literally no counter space hence why I spell the company this morning
but that’s okay it just means I can’t prepare a lot of things at once we
have to keep meals fairly simple or a big fan of the one pot meal
because that’s really all we can manage Quattro most girls dream is have
a closet the size of our entire house right now but our closet is about
two feet wide and if you look really closely Japanese stuff takes up
about 75% of it elegant 25% of a two-book closet we actually do pretty
good summer because we don’t wear many clothes loose but I went
everywhere a lot clothes so we take them off they just go everywhere
cinco lexico Tamayo sleeping is another thing that can be a challenge
you might not really realize it until you’re living it but if you’re in a
house and two people sleep together and one of them can’t sleep go
downstairs go in a different room be quiet be respectful let the other
person sleep in an RV it’s a lot more difficult especially when it’s
really cold outside because it’s not really an option to go hang out in
the snow so one of us might try to jump on the laptop and do a little
bit of work but the other one here is click click click click click
click click we have to try really hard to be on the exact same sleep
schedule so it’s in the morning and I can’t sleep my lovely bride allysa
is home snoozing away and I’m pretty sure Bugaboo the cat is also
snoozing but I’ve got some video editing that I want to work on and so
I’m actually going to come to one of the only places in the town where
we live that’s actually open 24 hours and get a cup of coffee and work
on some edits on a film that we’re working on so is it just me or you
find it super annoying when you go somewhere d is the internet and
you’ve been 45 minutes trying to get the password to work yeah that see
privacy see it they let’s just say there’s a reason most houses have a
garage in like 10 spare closets to put stuff it’s really tempting to
build a number of outbuildings a garage or a shed a storage unit all the
above but for us we’re really trying to fight the urge we’d really
rather just build one house that does it all in the longer and you’re
going to spend a lot more money building all these outbuildings just
building a house one time one foundation one cell walls in one roof we
didn’t just build this shed so we have places to put critical things we
actually built it primarily to keep our RV from freezing that’s a
different video watch it right here or on this side Oh Joe all the Jews
and count to make sure there’s eight Leo cello dirt dirt everywhere I
guess that has more to do with developing a property but being in a
small space it’s just magnified normally all that dirt is spread over a
large home when you have a small space all that dirt focuses in a small
area so we sweep our RV probably twice a day because it’s just so much
that gets tracked in no matter how hard we try we picked up a wall-mount
shop back because it’s very space-saving it’s out of the way but it
really takes these housekeeping projects and makes them super easy so
when we’re already running the generator we fire this guy up and we can
do all those little housekeeping bits do whether it’s working on we just
upgraded our butt heads it’s gonna be like a mattress it’s going to go
like you oh it’s going to explode things and RVs are not made for heavy
24/7 use and they tend to either be fragile break easily and they’re
costly and hard to replace last night we woke up and our fans sounded
just awful and all my groggy mess it’ll just be respite them fan up some
tickets would have died so today we get 6 p.m.
Which is so stupid we’re having to already after one year start
fixing and repairing a lot of the things in our RV things you don’t want
to wake up to when it’s negative 12 degrees outside water on your floor
the good news is I can cook sausage post to Facebook and fix my pump
from right here because we do so much work in our office the cushions in
our RV are already failing and it’s resulting in sore and numb legs and
things all right 85 bucks five minutes now we got new seat cushions
well hello there cushion oh I’m like not even faking this smile that’s
like my posture is better I feel more optimistic about life you don’t
feel like you’re sitting on a rock yes charging hey little you’re the
wait you’re annoying we’re trash in a video that’s usually you’re in the
week Alyssa you’re in the way ah Tessa Yin okay so why in the world
would anybody want to live like this so I guess in a nutshell I could
sum up in a few words we’re willing to make big sacrifices for a short
term in our life in order to live the life we want to live in the future
for many people they see this as freedom oftentimes it can put a person
or a family into a trap of debt and in the end they own a depreciating
asset as well as all the problems and struggles that we’ve mentioned in
this video and it keeps them from truly reaching their goal which is to
have freedom it does open many doors but used wisely it can actually be a
tool to help you reach goals and that’s exactly what Alyssa and I are

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