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Albert Einstein was born on March 14th, 1879 in
Ulm Germany. His father was Hermann Einstein and his mother Pauline Koch his father
was an engineer and a salesman. In 1880 Albert and his family moved to Munich.
While in Munich Einstein’s father and uncle founded an electric company.

 Albert at the age of five till the age of
eight went to a Catholic elementary school. At the age of eight he transferred
so he can receive advanced primary and secondary education at the Luitpold
Gymnasium. In 1894 his family lost the company and was forced to move to Italy
to look for work. Albert stayed in Munich to finish his studies.

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When Albert was 16 he took the
entrance exams to the Swiss Federal Polytechnic in Zurich. He failed to reach
the requirements of the general portion of the exam. In January 1896 after
receiving his father’s approval Albert denounced his German citizenship so he
didn’t have to enlist in the military. At the age of 17 he retook the entrance
exam to the polytechnic in Zurich and passed with the highest grades in physics
and mathematics. During his time there he fell in love with Mileva Maric who
was the only female physicist at Zürich. Einstein went on to marry Mileva even
though his family had strong opinions of her. While finishing her studies she
gave birth to Einstein’s first child Lieserl his daughter after her birth no
one knew what happened to her. After getting married they had there fist son
Hans Einstein. Mileva struggled with depression after their children were born
they divorced in 1919. Mileva died in 1948 after suffering a stroke.

After School Einstein spent almost
two grueling years searching for a teaching post.

 During this time
Einstein received his Swiss citizen ship and found a job at a patent office. Einstein
published his first paper while working in the patent office in 1905. Only
three years later he got a job as a professor at the University of Bern. In
1911 Einstein first started working on his theory of general relativity. After
his divorce in 1912 he got remarried shortly after to his cousin Elsa she had
two children and Einstein moved in with her in her apartment in Berlin.

His theory says that light should be
bent from the gravity of our planet and in 1919 Sir Author Eddington saw this
happen during a solar eclipse. On November 7, 1919 Britain’s
top newspaper published a heading claiming Einstein dethrones Newtonian ideas.
In 1922 Einstein was awarded a noble prize in physics. Following that event in
1925 he received a Copley Medal from the Royal Society.

 Albert Einstein visited New York City on April
2, 1921 He was welcomed by the mayor. In 1933 on a visit to the US Einstein new
that he could not return to Germany with the rise of the Nazi Regime so he
stayed in the United States. He moved to the US with his wife Elsa. While in
the US Einstein took up a position at the University of Princeton as a resident
scholar.  During the next few years
settling into his new life in New Jersey his wife Elsa died of kidney problems.

Albert Einstein started working on
the Manhattan project in 1939. The Manhattan project was based on arming
rockets with nuclear capabilities. Even though Einstein once said he hated war
even saying “War is a disease” – Albert Einstein.  After settling in New Jersey Einstein became a
United States citizen in 1940. In Einstein’s personal life he loved music and
supported civil rights. Even once saying if he wasn’t a Physicist he would be a

Einstein lived out the rest of his
life making papers and living in his home in Princeton New Jersey. On April 17,
1955 Einstein experienced internal bleeding due to an abdominal rupture.
Einstein refused surgery saying “I want to go when I want to go”- Albert
Einstein. Einstein died on April 18, 1955 at Princeton hospital.

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