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After the Civil War, there was a tremendous effort to alter the Southern states and their society. This was the start of a period of time that we know as The Reconstruction Era. The Reconstruction Era was a time after the Civil War in which laws were passed to give the freedmen certain rights.

During the Reconstruction Era, the North wanted to integrate the blacks into society as soon as possible. However, the South was not as eager to welcome the blacks. The South killed Reconstruction by their violence to the North and blacks. The North’s growing loss of sympathy for the blacks, and through the lack of interest in equal rights. The South did not agree with allowing blacks to take place in the government such as legislature (Doc B). According to Document B, Abram Colby was even bribed to let another man take his place to go to the legislature. The party the blacks supported was strongly despised by the South.

As also shown in Document A the KKK stabbed and hung Senator John W. Stephens because he was supporting and advocating for the freedmen. Furthermore, the KKK was made up of white Confederate soldiers whose goal was to reverse the improvements African-Americans received as a result of Reconstruction. Finally, many people in the south did not agree with blacks being in political positions (Doc D).This evidence shows how the South killed the Reconstruction Era through violence and interest in equal rights.The North was starting to lose sympathy towards blacks. As stated in Document C the Northern voters were getting tired of the “Negro Question” and “Sick of carpet-bag” government. The Northern voters started to shift their attention away from the blacks allowing the South to remain unnoticed while it ended Reconstruction.

Also, the North agreed that the blacks were not fit for political positions. The Northerners started growing indifferent to events happening in the South and scandals started distracting the North even further. Therefore, the loss of interest from the North allowed the South to easily oppose Reconstruction and finally kill it.Their disagreement about violence, equal rights and loss of interest all helped the South to kill Reconstruction.

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