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After pursuing bachelors degree in technology from a Kalasalingam University a prestigious university in South India, I joined Tata Consultancy Services as an Assistant System Engineer Trainee and have been working on various software development projects. Though I have learned more at Tata Consultancy Services than I expected, I also believe that there are skills I did not study in my undergraduate coursework and I cannot learn in my current job that I will one day require to best lead organizations through change. Sprott Business School offers precisely the toolkit I need not only to be a stronger project manager in the short-term but also to be a transformational leader in the long-term. In exploring which business school would be the best fit for me and my career goals, I have gone through few alumni profiles of Sprott Business School because I always believe that success of any business school can be measured by measuring the success of its students. Almost every alumni mentioned how the vastly experienced and world-class professors, small classroom environment, structured curriculum, and internship program helped them in shaping their careers. I am very much fascinated by the diverse group of faculties in every department at Sprott Business School. I would like to enhance my management skills under the guidance of vastly experienced Ian Lee and Sujit Sur and my leadership skill under the guidance of Richard Clayman. Furthermore, Sprott Business School is among the very few schools that have such an advanced research centres in Canada.Business analytics concentration along with core courses and internship program of Sprott MBA, provides me an inimitable opportunity to translate classroom learning into real-world opportunities and to propel my career as a project manager, who not only understands how to best utilize the available data but also knows how to manage the big data projects. Moreover, the location of Sprott Business School in the capital city of Ottawa gives me an opportunity to understand the business and to work with some of the best organizations located in Ontario. Sprott Business School is the right place for me because it not only teaches the skills, it prepares you to take a lead. 

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