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After week 9 with many concerns about theinterview. Today we are taught about the process of access and search. This isthe part where Christos teaches us how to find work on a website.At first he taught us about the jobs inrestaurants and hotels where we could find a job suitable for us. There arefour divisions in each hotel, such as the front office, security andhousekeeping, food and beverages, and finally advertising and marketing. Wealso learned about technical skills.

Technical skills are an integral part ofevery person’s life. Maybe each of us may have technical limitations, but thatdoes not mean they may be missing in our lives. Technical skills will help us alot in finding information, including customer information as well as theirdesires. So that we can meet all the needs of customers.We can get skills from transferable skillssuch as teamwork, communication, IT, Career Management, Numeracy, InformationHandling, etc. For example, when we have a presentation, it means that we havelearned to work in a team, and that is important in teamwork in a plan. Next weneed to build networking with friends, trainees, executives, professors, andfamilies. We need to balance our lives and work.

Some people are too focused ontheir work without care about the family, and some people are too focused onthe family and do not pay attention to their work. Both of these are not goodfor one’s life because we always want everything to be perfect so we just focuson one thing without neglecting the other. That will lead to the people aroundyou sad or disappointed. Instead of focusing on one thing, we should divide thetime to meet everyone to balance our lives and make us more comfortable withoutpressure. work, family or friends.After the transferable part, Christoshelped us create an account on a job search site, which is “linkedin”.

This site was created to provide opportunities for people who needjobs like us after the course. After creating a personal website and updatinginformation on it, I have been looking for a lot of information aboutrestaurants and hotels as well as some other industries such as engineers,company management, It, etc . I can search any job whether in Vietnam orabroad, this site has all the necessary information that we need. In order tobe ready for the job market, we need to know who we are, be open and creative,learn details about job information, develop good skills that you are workingon. as well as improving the poor skills you have, or preparing mixedexperiences to deal with any situation. Experience and work are alwaystogether. We can not lack one or the other such as a person with a job but noexperience will not lead the followers as well as not be able to complete thework given.

Experienced people are those who have done a job in time, so theywill be able to complete their work as perfectly and as quickly as possible.That is why experience and work are mutually supportive, and we are the ones whoneed both.We need to analyze and revise oureducation, our work experience, our personal qualities, our specialqualifications and, in particular, our willingness to move to another place towork. whether or not the situation of each person’s family, etc. We need tomake sure everything is about ourselves as well as the surroundings beforestarting a job so that we do not have to be embarrassed to do somethingimportant. Besides preparing for that, we also need to know what the jobs inthe hotel restaurant are and the importance of the job, such as thehousekeeping staff’s clean-up and orderliness. Clean, if without them,customers will have to be in a dirty room and dirty.

We need to understand thedefinitions of careers such as lodging, spa, event, food and beverages, etc suchas food and beverages. where guests are relaxed and feel the comfort of thebest massage services.After learning about everything for today,we left a little time, and Ajarn Chistos gave us a try to introduce ourselvesto the person sitting next to us. He asked us to use the phone and filmed whatwe said. Then go home when we watch the video, we will know what mistakes wehave and may face, so that we can change it and prepare for the next week withthe interview. This has helped me in improving my skills. By deciphering games like sudoku or doors,it will help us to rearrange everything such as arranging thoughts, stayingcalm, and thinking the best way to solve the problem.

It is also possible forus to habitually check everything before submitting something. Just like thesudoku game, to win a level, you need to fill all the numbers in the box andcheck carefully before you want to pass another level. However, life is notlike a game, so we have only one opportunity to be able to express ourselves.If we can not perfect everything, it can make us lose our jobs or make peoplearound us difficult.

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