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After spending countless hours and sleepless nights completing homework and studying for test and quizzes, I will have finally graduated Windham High School in the year 2020. After four years of sitting in classrooms, listening to and learning from teachers, I will finally be attending the college of my choice. In the year 2020, when I graduate, I plan on taking a gap year to explore the world and finding a job or internship where I can better educate myself on the field of study I am interested in. This gap year will also allow me to earn some money to help pay for two years at Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College. Then, I plan on going to the University of North Carolina where I plan on finishing my undergraduate degree in speech and language pathology. After graduating from UNC with an undergraduate degree, I plan on joining the graduate program in hopes of receiving my master’s degree in that same field of study.My first two years of college, at Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College, will cost $8,728, without any financial aid. When broken down, $4,288 of the total cost per year is for tuition, $2 for the insurance fee, $32 for the tech fee, $10 for the CAPS fee, and $32 for the activity fee. I plan on paying for these two years of college with the money that I earn during my gap year. I will also earn money by getting a part-time job while I am in college. I chose AB Tech not only because of the beautiful campus it has, or the fact that it will allow me to establish citizenship in North Carolina, but because of the diverse academic programs, and vast hands-on programs that they offer (“Tuition and Fees.”).My second two years of college at the University of North Carolina will cost a total of $28,748, which I plan on taking out student loans to pay for. When breaking down the costs per year at UNC, $8,898 goes towards tuition and fees, $1,604 for books and supplies, $810 for travel, $1,488 for health insurance, $56 for loan fees, and $1,464 for personnel costs. I applied to this school for a couple of different reasons. First being their program with Cochlear Implants, which I find quite fascinating. Secondly, my sister went to this school and I remember when I was younger, visiting her, and being absorbed by the beauty and community that existed there. Lastly, the School’s academics and courses involved in this field are truly amazing in their depth and breadth. (The University).My last years of college will be spent at UNC’s graduate program, which will end up costing about $19,824, which I plan on paying for with student loans. When broken down, the costs are $11,940 for tuition and fees, $1,604 for books and supplies, $2,344 for travel, $2,222 for health insurance, $250 for loan fees, and $1,464 for person cost and fees (The University).Speech and language pathology interest me in an exorbitant amount of ways, but mostly because of how many different approaches there are to helping people of all ages in different environments. A speech pathologist can work in hospitals doing swallow studies, or conducting video X-rays of a people swallowing food or liquid mixed with barium, on people of all ages ranging from the youngest in PICUs and NICUs to the elderly. They can also work in schools helping kids that have a hard time pronouncing different sounds. I chose this field of study not only because of the ways it interests me but also because of the personal connection that I have with it.When I was younger, even before first grade, I had trouble pronouncing different sounds, like SH-, TH-, CK-, CH-, etc. In order to improve my pronunciation, I went to speech therapy every day from kindergarten to fourth grade. I am so thankful for all of the different people that helped me get to the point where I could pronounce every syllable with utter perfection. Although my story goes into the educational aspect of what speech pathologists can do, I am more interested in the medical aspect of the job, where I will be able to work with infants. After searching for awhile, I found a competitive job at Kalispell Regional Healthcare in Kalispell, Montana. I will be able to work in the PICUs and NICUs helping infants and preemies, prematurely born children. This job will not be easy to obtain, as it is highly competitive, but I feel that when the time comes and I actually apply that I would have a fair chance at getting it. With this said, my annual salary at KRH before taxes would be $68,529 but after taxes, it would drop to $47,300.63 (“Kalispell Regional Healthcare”). When starting at $68,529, $12,296 of it goes towards federal withholding, $4,248.80 goes towards social security, $993.67 goes to Medicare, and $3,690 goes to the state of Montana. In the end, after all of these deductions, my annual net pay is $47,300.63 and my monthly net pay is $3,941.71 (“Calculator Results.”). However, when comparing the salary I make at this job compared to the Bureau of Labor Statistics median pay, I would make about $6,151 less than the median American in this field (“Speech-Language Pathologists.”). Although working in Montana means that I will make a great deal less than I would if I worked someplace like Boston, I believe that it is worth it because I will be in a beautiful place that I love and the cost of living is cheaper so I do not need to make as much.Part II:Since my job is based in Kalispell MT, I plan on living in Whitefish MT, where I have family and it is twenty-two minutes away from Kalispell Regional Healthcare giving me a quick and easy commute to work. I will live in a small apartment at 725 Waverly Pl. My apartment will likely cost $900 a month (“Apartments For Rent) plus $198 for utilities, which includes electricity ($85/mo), water ($48/mo), garbage ($30/mo), and internet ($50/mo) (“How Much…”) (“Whitefish, MT Electricity Rates.”). I will also have apartment insurance, which will cost about $12.00 per month (Progressive). This brings the total cost of living in my apartment to $1,110.In order to get to work, I will need to have my own mode of transportation. With these means, I will be financing a 2015 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Premium which will cost $16,000 plus $480 interest (3% interest rate over 60 month period) (“Used Cars for Sale”). In the interest of paying back my car loan, I will pay $306 per month. Since I have a car, I will have to have car insurance. I went through Progressive and it will cost me $164.64. I also need to have health insurance, which will end up costing $75 a month because I will receive a discount through my work.As a source of entertainment, I will have my cell phone and a Netflix subscription. I chose to get Netflix over regular cable because it cost less but mostly because I never watch actual cable television and I can look up the news on my computer or cell phone. My cell phone bill will cost $30 a month and Netflix $10 a month. Also, I will have a clothing allowance of $75 a month and food allowance of $250 a month.Part III:This paper has helped to show me how important economics currently is and will be in my life and how its principles influence my everyday activities. Some of these principles include taxes, inflation, supply and demand, and trade. Most of these principles, taxes, inflation, and supply and demand, affect my life by influencing the price of goods and services that I buy on a daily or weekly basis, while trade influences more of what I am able to buy. Although this project did not really impact how I feel about what I might want to do with my life, it has shown me how the current changes in government policy will affect my job. In all, any change in governmental insurance policies affects my job. For example, cutting Medicare spending and cutting CHIP resources affect how many times I can see a child based on what insurance will pay for as well as my reimbursement rates from those insurance companies and the Medicare for older adults is even worse.My workplace, in terms of looks, can be described as, lots of medical equipment, lots of staff, and a very clean and sterile environment. Overall, this paper has given me a completely different perspective on my parents and how much they do for me and how much it cost to raise me and allow me to do the extracurricular activities that I love. With this said, if I cannot meet my monthly expenses I will get a roommate and/or another job. Generally speaking, this class and especially this paper, has taught me so much about my life, life in general, and the daily expenses that my parents go through to raise me.

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