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After defining the space requirements, the next step is determining the space available for each process to translate it into the actual layout.In existing layout raw material godown and finished material godown requires 30×25 square feet of space. There are six elevators, in which five elevators are of 25 feets and remaining one of 34 feets. The first elevator requires 2.5 feet underground depth so that the raw pulse flows easily to the elevator.The fourth elevators which are of 34 feets requires 3 feets above the ground floor due to the huge size of elevator. The data is collected and the number of tools equipment for manufacturing was counted in terms of the direction for raw materials and product.The Space Relationship Diagram is a combinational representation of the relationship diagram and space available. The objective of the space relationship diagram is to combine established spatial constraints with the activity relationship diagram. The reduction of investment funds results in reduced space available when there is modernization of buildings or new construction is involved.We discussed two space relationship diagrams, One with extra space and another without extra space.The problem of balancing space requirements against space available is really three problems:1. Will the total amount of space available be adequate?2. Will the divisions of space available (buildings, floors, rooms) match in amount the various areas (departments, activities, organizational groups) required?3. Will the character or condition of the available space or space divisions be suitable for the work required to be done in the various areas?There are number of constraints in this study. Firstly the handling methods especially of equipment performed in a controlled environment and requires a very high investment if relocated. The dehusking process requires two stone rollers. Apart from that, the elevators are also fixed equipment which cannot be moved.Storage facilities and equipment could cause a major rearrangement of the space relationship diagram. It is helpful in all industrial layouts as we can discuss in our study. The storage of waiting materials and supplies is probably more common to the layout project.Site conditions or surroundings within the plant, such consideration take such forms as the spread of contaminating materials, vibrations from rapid or heavy-impact machinery equipment. In the existing plant, manmade site conditions such as dust, powder, dirt or fumes from and the effect of the plant’s own noise and hazards involved in modifying constraints.Building features includes ceiling height, foundations, stairs, floor area, floor load, column spacing, and types of windows, walls and doors. There is very high initial investment with its advantages from the construction, maintenance, installing and servicing the utilities and equipment. In the existing plant, building features combined with the overall layout plan for better layout planning as the planner study the space. Some equipment such as dryer can be moved or changed but they may still lead to modifications in the layout planning as we discuss in our study.Good layouts had always considered as most effective distribution of space, movement, utilities, atmosphere etc. In the existing plant, it is necessary to provide sufficient space for raw pulse and finished pulse storage, reject pulse storage, cattle feed storage and various forms of waste recovery. It also considers location of maintenance. Sufficient space must be provided for the offices, warehouses, maintenance department and employee?s requirement and around the building structures involved.Personnel requirements include working conditions, employee benefits, holidays and leaves, payment and incentives schemes, job descriptions all must be decided.Operating policies, procedures and controls includes the inventory control production planning and control system, the scheduling system, time study, work standards, quality control methods and other operating procedures and their supporting paperwork are important for improving the efficiency of plant layout.Safety considerations include convenience of employee access, employee?s security and their communicating systems, appearance considerations involved as a modify constraints in the plant layout.Shape of detailed activities layouts discuss about the overall layout includes consideration of entrance and exit points, internal flow of materials, the arrangement of non-movable or oversized equipment, space availability, overall space requirement etc. about which we plan and discuss the critical details within activity-areas need to be modify. This leads to study and modifications of overall relationship to all areas for improving the efficiency of plant layout.5.3.11 Practical limitationsThe restrictions on existing plant layout, existing handling methods which are not to be change. It includes budget, space, company policy, Government rules and regulations, community regulations on waste disposal exert limitations on the layout. These limitations are incorporated into the various adjustments of the space relationship diagram tends to help to develop a more convenient layout.5.3.12 Develop Layout AlternativesThe SLP technique resulting in two new plant layout alternatives after taking the consideration of modifying constraints and practical limitations. This step involves in development of various alternative layout with the proper analysis of Activity Relationship chart and Space Relationship Diagram. These alternatives initial designs are created with the help of requirements and constraints as discussed before.The data collected from the above steps uses as implementing the proposed new and alternative plant layouts which are checked for optimum flow of work through the processes. We develop and positioned two alternative layouts. These alternative layout are developed with the help of the Activity Relationship Chart and Space Relationship Diagram have been previously discussed. The advantages and disadvantages of each alternative layout are compared with the one another. The layout having good traits form a final layout. These designs are send to the management of the plant for further invesigation and implementations.The current process line is analysis and the productivity has been verified and validated with the real life environment. Process map showed that the operators unable to reach at required floor, walked long distances felt stress in certain workstations and sometimes causes less communication between each floor. With the same or less manpower, we develop an improved layout and make workers rotate within floor easily.Design IIn the first design, We replace the first stone roller and elevator by the dryer. The dryer is moved from the position of next of third elevtor to next to five sheets vibratory shieves, which is followed by as usual stock tank as we see in existing plant layout. The dryer is used to heating of clean raw pulse which separates from cleaning process. The heating of pulse by passing the temperature at about 120o-160oC for a specific duration of time until the temperature reached between 65o-75oC. Now the raw heated pulse is cooled by forcing ambient air through the raw dal. This preconditioning of pulse before dehusking process will effectively increase the dehusking efficiency to 95% as before of 80-85%. This gives about 80-85% milling efficiency by further following the same processes.

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