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After applying as intern in the company I chose. They interview
and gave me some orientation. The owner/Certified Public Accountant of the
company is the one who interviewed and do the orientation. He introduced me to
my co-intern and explain what work they usually do and work what we need to do.
The goal and mission of the company. They also introduced me what clients I would

     While l am on my On-the-job
training I have many questions pertaining to the taak they gave to me. Question
that also answered while doing that task. For example we need to comply the BIR
forms of our clients. I think what was that for? But after reading, filling and
submitting the form. I realize what was that for. I also think  why we need to to tha on-the-job training. But
after hearing some applicants that not experienced the on-the-job training that
they are nervous because they don’t have any idea and exprience what work they
will do. I’m happy and lucky that we encounter it. Because it is a big help for
me to know what would be the duty/job of an accountant/accounting tech.

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     My perceptible about my
strongest areas in my performance during my intern are being practical. The
eager to learn. Not to stop until I’m not done in my work.

     Every task that they
gave to me is not only the challenge I need to complete, but also the way or
method I used to complete the task. Yes they oriented me the work and the job
we will do. But they let us do what tactics we used in completing the task. And
one of the  situation that challenge me
the most is when they gave me task even one of my co-interns are don’t know how
to do that and don’t have any idea to complete the task. I know from the start
that they not do spoon-fed and they want to learn us in our experience.

     Giving me that task is
a challenging one. It excite me, it scare me and made me nervous in the same time.
It excite me because it is a new challenge to me, scare me because no one of my
co-interns know how to do it. And I don’t know were to start. And also scared
me because I don’t know if I could finished the work they want. It make me nervous
because I don’t know what to do. But I’m proud and glad that I finished the
task by doing some research  and asking
someone who knew what is it and giving me idea on what to do. And because of
the eagerness to learn and to finished my task.

     The company were I do my
intern is a great help for me. I’m thankful that I manage to work in that
company. Because it help me to know what an accountant/accounting tech. really
do in that industry. It really help me to realize the important of on-the-job
training. It also give me some confident to do and finished the task that is
new to me and also give me knowledge on what industry I will take after our

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