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the war Diana is grieving over his friend Steve always drunk in her nearby get
away and beating everyone who gets in her way. As an Amazonian, he tried to
find a way to bring Steve back and roamed around the city to find his body but
couldn’t get anywhere. Going back home he met her new friend Beth who is
helping her in her grieving process which helps her a little and they both went
back home. “Everything will be okay and you can still find some men who can
understand you.” Beth said in a neutral voice. But Diana doesn’t even react to
what she says because she knows that Steve is unique and no man can replace
him. Lonely in her bedroom while Beth is making her some delicious pancakes.
Diana is looking back to her old pictures which she found some pictures of the
war and also a photograph of his mother and her Amazonian friends. While
looking through the photograph she noticed something strange and looked behind
it and saw a note written behind it saying “Please come back to us.” Then she
remembered what her mother told her that the moment that she will leave her
home place is that she can never come back to her mother again. At that moment,
Diana’s grin face started to smile knowing that she can’t be alone with her
life again and she can prove her mother wrong about not going back to her home
place again. “Beth! Do you know any place that can give me a transport to the
sea.?” Diana asks Beth. “I can help you with that if that’s what you need but
you need some money to transport to the sea.” Said Beth in a serious manner.
Diana then started looking for jobs where she can earn some money and with the
help of Beth she got a job in a blacksmith which she is good at and she started
meeting new friends which is Peter which helped her to earn money and also make
some weapons for her journey and some equipment that was damaged to the war.
Later that day, Diana and Peter had a good time knowing that they can be
friends, Peter asked if he can come to Diana’s journey but Diana said “It will
be a tough one and it might take years or decades to come back to my home place
because it is hidden.” She said in an aggressive manner which makes Peter think
about another idea that can help her go through that place safe and as soon as
possible. He then thinks of making some equipment that she can put in her ship
to know its whereabouts and to help her survive throughout her journey. Diana
was happy when she heard that and they continued to work until they got enough
money for the ship.

have passed and Diana Finally got enough money to buy a ship that can withstand
anything the nature gives to it. It is said to be indestructible due to its
materials and also fast which is also a good thing for her journey. Peter is
now putting all the equipment he made and also put it some tools that Diana can
use to hunt for food and to filter her water. “You know how to fish right?”
said by peter in a jokingly manner. Diana then smiles and also put her things
in the boat and her weapons and equipment which he stole from her homeland.
Then Diana went back home a have a full night’s rest so that she can say her
farewells to her close friends.

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It was
another day for Diana she went to Beth’s home where she gave Beth some of her
stuff that she loved and in a serious manner Beth said “Do you really want to
give these things to me because it looks like it’s worth more than I can earn a
year?” but Diana told her that she won’t need it anymore because she will go
back to her homeland and to the limited capacity of her boat. She then went to
the cemetery and went to the tombstone of Steve who died in the war where she
placed some flowers and candles to give her last farewells. Later that night
Diana and Peter had their last wonderful dinner together where they talked
about Diana’s plans on getting back to her home place where Peter told Diana
that he made an equipment that can detect an unusual race but its disadvantage
is that it will only works if the device in a certain range. Later that evening
Diana and Peter had a wonderful night and they slept together before she

It is
the day where Diana leaves London with Peter and Beth watching her depart and
they said their goodbyes with Peter and Beth telling Diana to have a safe trip.
Diana then departs and throughout her journey is lonely for her because she
can’t communicate with her friends yet due to something interfering with the
signal and as the days pass the weather becomes worse until the clouds go dark
in a Monday morning.

the fight Diana tried to recover from it and due to the lack of resources she
did not recover fully to get out of the island 

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