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Advertisement as a marketing function comes
under 4P which is Promotion and its objective is to attract more consumers and
sell products and services to them. The goods and services are produced and
offered to satisfy needs and wants of people. So, companies in order to achieve
their marketing objectives they use advertising as one of the various marketing
strategies. Advertisement is to communicate information and idea to a society
or group of people to change or reinforce their attitude. Advertising agencies
or agents make it possible for advertising to become familiar and adaptable by potential
buyers and the first agents were brokers of space in magazines and newspaper
who contracted with their owners for advertising space at bulk rates and resold
the space at high price later while on TV, agencies are also booking different
broadcasting time slots to incorporate their produced ads. When advertisement
turns to be more sophisticated, market also increased as well as the
advertising budget so advertising is a life line and vital tool in the
marketing of products and services. Companies use advertising as a powerful
tool to achieve their promotional aims and sells target. Different authors have
different opinions about advertising. McCarthy 1984, advertising is “any paid
form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods and services by an identified
sponsor”. So in order to do a mass selling we need advertising as a powerful
tool to enable us and do this. Advertisement is a form of communication through
the media about services, products, organizations, personalities, ideas etc. and
is paid by a sponsor and the ads are conceptualized, planned, created and
placed by advertising agencies. Gillian Dyer the author of advertising as
communication says that in its simplest sense, the word “advertising” means
drawing attention to something or notifying or informing somebody or something.
According to American Marketing Association “Advertising is any paid form of
non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services by an
identifiable sponsor.

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