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are primarily experiential learners, drawing on experiences to support them in
interpreting their present situations.  There
is a difference between teaching adults from teaching children in theoretical
and practical parts. The field of adult education was pioneered by Malcom
Knowles who is one of the founders of andragogy. Andragogy focuses on adults
while pedagogy is concern on children. Probably the single most important
concern for the teacher of adults is understanding of the diversity of adult
learning principles.

the classes, learning focused on the process of what is needed to be learnt. The
use of different strategies such as role playing, simulations, project work and
discussions was there because they are most useful for adult students who are
practical, problem-centered and goal- oriented. Another important aspect of
adult learning is motivation because only students learn when they are

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are the learning outcomes that I individually learned day by day.

1.     Demonstrate
critical thinking skills and recognize critical thinking as a key component to
college success (The Stuck Truck activity and Oleanna)

have always been a thinker, but throughout my coursework, I have significantly improved
my critical analysis skills. I challenge myself to dig into a text a poem or a
movie as deeply as possible and unpack every detail to develop a satisfying
close read. I have learned to continuously ask “why” on many various levels instead
of focusing on proposed meanings or biographical background.

2.     Develop
interpersonal skills that will allow them to work effectively in diverse
groups, including active listening, perspective taking and peer questioning

best understanding, I acknowledged was from the Gardner’s 7 intelligences and
The Estrangement. This experience helped me to better understand my learning profiles,
develop flexibility and adaptability in thinking. The seven intelligences are a
fun way to learn about how some of our tastes can influence how we take in information.

I understood the balances of my own seven intelligences, I began to value my individual
strength. I can demonstrate and share my strengths during individual
activities. My thoughts are now able to be more complex because I have learned
how to sustain a logical argument in an organized manner. Another improvement
is my ability to point out multiple complexities within a text, instead of
sticking to one-sided arguments in my papers.

3.     Analyze
different approaches to learning and articulate their application of that knowledge
(The Giving Tree and the poems shared in our class)

have always struggled to put my thoughts on paper in a manner that is clear and
correct according to the assignments. The learning outcomes has taught me how
powerful the written word and language can be. Words tell so much more than a
story. For example, diverse meaningful poems that our teacher shared in class.
The languages were simple, but it has its depth connotations related to it. These
poems tell about life, they bring up the past and culture that are long gone. We
are learning how to express ourselves by writing about what we learn and/or
what we believe.

principles and processes of Adult learning course has taught me so much more
than stuff about adult education, it has taught how to be me. I have learned
here how to write and express myself, on my language, how to think for myself
in my way but more clearly, and how to find the answers to the things. This
class has showed me that there are so many ways that one can learn that are
both fun and educational.

are couple of things that I do feel lack of confidence and skill to perform,
and that is what I hope to gain from further courses. I took an active role in
shaping my own learning experience during the learning period. 

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