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In The Virginia Statue of Religious Liberties, didn’t understand the connection
between the church and state. He didn’t like how the church controlled
everything and how there impose the will on other and those outside of the
church. He said instead of the church to allow it people to form their own
believes and will there impose theirs. Jefferson felt the church was taking
away the right of the people, which cause people not to speak their mind
because they fear the repercussion. Civil right should not depend on believes
or religion according to Jefferson, the state should not sponsors religion and
that a judge should pass judgment based upon is religion or believes but
according to the law. People should be able to speak freely without being

2.  Delegation in the constitutional debates on
slavery most maintained that that slavery should be kept, and that it will
benefit the country. The more the slave the more the country benefits, Mr.
Pinkney claimed that other countries had done it as well, so it was not a
problem. He used other countries that had slavery to justify why it was right,

wanted the import of slave but should be taxed. The south Carolina delegate
wanted slavery to continue but the Georgia delegate wanted slavery to stop.

In the Constitutional Debates on Slavery, some of the delegates argued against
or wanted to limit the use of the slave trade and the use of slaves. The
delegates that either wanted to limit the slave trade or stop it knew that
slavery was wrong and unjust. Colonel Manson argued that continuing slavery
would cause God to be angry with the country because it was wrong and unjust.
Mr. Elsworth wanted to limit slavery because it would be too expensive to
import slaves, so they should use poor laborers. He was not totally against
slavery; he just wanted to use another way to limit slavery. Mr. Dickenson
completely disagreed with slavery; he thought that if countries like England
and France were unhappy with their slaves, then the American states would be
unhappy also. He was concerned about the happiness of the country. Thomas
Jefferson’s views on slavery and race in Jefferson on Race and Slavery, justified
white supremacy in many ways. Jefferson based his views mainly of the outward
appearance of the black slaves. He thought that what made a person greater or
lesser was their race, and the black slaves were the lesser race. A person’s
beauty was determined by the color of their skin; dark skin was ugly and
unpleasant while white skin was beautiful. Jefferson believed that whites were
far better than blacks because blacks had less reason, and they were dull. He
believed that the black slaves did not have the ability to reason and be
creative. He mentions the outward appearance of black slaves as inferior by
saying that they have less hair in contrast to the silky long hair of whites.
He even went as far as to say that the bodily functions of whites and blacks
worked differently. Jefferson’s view on slavery was that black slaves could
never become a part of society they did not think like the whites; they did not
have the same views. He also thought that black slaves could never be a part of
society because the whites wanted to preserve their “whiteness”; having blacks
as a part of society would pollute them. It would belittle the whites if a
black person was a part of society and lived as a regular person instead of a

Benjamin Banneker completely refuted Thomas Jefferson’s views in his Letter to
Thomas Jefferson; he did not believe in anything that Thomas Jefferson said.
Banneker sent the letter to Jefferson because he wanted Jefferson to know that
his support of white supremacy was wrong and he wanted Jefferson to change his
prejudice views. According to Banneker, when God created every human being, he
created everyone the same with no partiality. The only difference was the skin
color; but skin color did not need to be an issue. Skin color had nothing to do
with who a person was; once skin color is removed everyone looks the same.
Banneker pointed out Jefferson hypocrisy because Jefferson claimed that “all
men are created equal”. Jefferson was guilty of what he did not want others
doing, which was taking away the rights and liberties of people. Although
Jefferson was against taking away people’s rights, he still thought it was
right to take away the rights of black people; this to Banneker was a double
standard. Banneker strongly believed that if the United States stopped seeing
race and color, there would be no problems. The root of slavery was because of skin color; the darker
skin color was deemed as a disagreeable color, and the lighter skin was seen as
beautiful. He hoped that the country would stop seeing the black African race
as a lesser race, and if the whites just saw the blacks for who they really
were and treat them with respect and kindness, then the prejudices would stop
and blacks and whites could live together in peace.

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