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Adam Smith ” Every man, as long as he does not violate
the laws of justice, is left perfectly free to pursue his own interest his own

Business ethics is an area of corporate responsibility where
businesses are legally and socially obligated to conduct business in an ethical
manner. Business ethics includes five key elements: honesty, integrity, trust,
confidentiality and openness. Within the business world, ethical decisions are
made each day that have an impact across all organizations.

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Organizations are competing on analytics not just because
they can—business today is awash in data and data crunchers—but also because
they should. At a time when firms in many industries offer similar products and
use comparable technologies, business processes are among the last remaining
points of differentiation. And analytics competitors wring every last drop of
value from those processes. So, like other companies, they know what products
their customers want, but they also know what prices those customers will pay,
how many items each will buy in a lifetime, and what triggers will make people
buy more. Like other companies, they know compensation costs and turnover
rates, but they can also calculate how much personnel contribute to or detract
from the bottom line and how salary levels relate to individuals’ performance.
Like other companies, they know when inventories are running low, but they can
also predict problems with demand and supply chains, to achieve low rates of
inventory and high rates of perfect orders.


CEOs leading the analytics charge require both an
appreciation of and a familiarity with the subject. A background in statistics
isn’t necessary, but those leaders must understand the theory behind various
quantitative methods so that they recognize those methods’ limitations—which
factors are being weighed and which ones aren’t. When the CEOs need help
grasping quantitative techniques, they turn to experts who understand the
business and how analytics can be applied to it. We interviewed several leaders
who had retained such advisers, and these executives stressed the need to find
someone who can explain things in plain language and be trusted not to spin the


It is the fundamental precept of the Christian faith that
God calls not only ministers and other spiritual workers, but everyone to
specific roles in His kingdom. Christian entrepreneurs must realize that their
calling is to establish and lead business organizations that are designed to
achieve positive results in the secular world. Christian entrepreneurial
businesses differ from secular businesses because Christian entrepreneurs
believe they do business while being guided by Christian principles and the
Holy Spirit. Their goal is to develop a business that blends business excellence
and entrepreneurship with Christian, biblical and theological perspectives.
This exploratory study investigated the role of the Christian belief in
entrepreneurship and in entrepreneurial businesses.

In organizations, leaders are faced with ethical dilemmas on a
daily basis as they balance their own ethics with the company’s policies and
practices. These pressures leave leaders questioning what is the right thing to
do, especially if they hold two competing values.   This explains why many Christian churches
and ministries today continue to treat areas like business, marketing, and
management as essentially neutral–technical fields where the latest techniques
can simply be plugged into their own programs, without subjecting them to
critique from a Christian worldview perspective. Start the business meeting
with prayer, by all means, but then employ all the up-to-date strategies learned
in secular graduate schools. Douglas Sloan calls this “the inner modernization
of evangelicalism.”3 That is, we have resisted modernism in our theology but
have largely accepted modernism in our practices. We want to employ the latest
techniques and quantitative methods, where the results can be calculated and



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