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According to
statistics of Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam, there are 114
countries investing in Vietnam, and Taiwan is the fourth leading country after
Japan, Korea, and Singapore. In August 2016, Taiwanese Government published a
new policy called “New Southward Policy” to encourage Taiwanese enterprises to
increase their investments in Southeast Asian countries. Based on the
statistics of Investment Commission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of
Taiwan, the total investment capital in Vietnam in 2017 is US$ 683,092 million.
Ranking in the second position of Taiwan investments in Southeast Asian
countries, Vietnam is one of the priority choices of Taiwan in Southeast Asian

However, there
are not many kinds of research on how to develop an industrial development
strategy in Vietnam for in-depth discussion. That prevents foreign investors to
fully aware of Vietnam open-door policy. The greater of knowledge of their
markets may enhance the confidence on the decision to invest in overseas businesses
of enterprises  (M. Krishna Erramilli and C. P. Rao, 1990). Therefore, the aim of this
study is to find out the main factors that determine the willingness of a
Taiwan construction company to invest in Vietnam. Based on literature review
and expert interviews, the structure of hypothesis and the framework of the
questionnaire are built. The study focuses on 3 major aspects: (1) enterprise
characteristics; (2) national uncertainty; and (3) government policies. And the
primer on partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) is used
to analyze the data. The research methods will be presented in the next parts
of the paper. The findings of this study may help many construction industry
stakeholders interested in investing in Vietnam to better understand what
factors affect the investment environment in Vietnam and how to integrate human
resources effectively in the future investment activities. 

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