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According to the Mississippi Teacher Growth Rubric, there are two performance standards that can be identified as areas of improvement for Ms. Riley’s History classroom.  She has shown inadequacies in “Domain I: Lesson Design” and “Domain II: Culture and Learning Environment” (Mississippi Professional Growth Rubric, p. 10).  Within each of these domains are indicators that describe elements of instructional practices that should be observed in the classroom.  By not being able to make a connection between her video resources and her lessons, Ms. Riley has insufficiently demonstrated alignment of her instructional activities to the curriculum/framework.  She has also failed to effectively manage time and technology resources into learning and “has allowed significant periods of time when students do not have something meaningful to do” (Mississippi Professional Growth Rubric, p. 15).  There are several resources Mr. Constantine should include in the improvement plan for Ms. Riley.Re-align Lessons to State FrameworkIn order for learning to take place, there must be coherent instruction.  This instruction should should follow a logical sequence that uses resources that enhance learning and will be the most useful to all students.  It may be that Ms. Riley has grown complacent or has never been taught how to pull and use resources to provide effective instruction.  Students may struggle to learn material when unrelated resources are used in instruction.  Provide Opportunities for Professional DevelopmentThis should include time for her to collaborate and observe other teachers who are effective in combining content knowledge into planning and teaching and who are able to manage classroom resources.  Even though she is a veteran teacher, assigning a mentor may prove to be a benefit.  This would be extremely effective if the mentor could give strategies on implementing a variety of activities that will help engage students and help them learn content.  Monitoring and FeedbackCrucial to the improvement plan is for the principal to monitor and provide timely feedback. This needs to be done through classroom observations and conferences to communicate improvement successes or areas that need more work.  Ms. Riley should be made to feel like the principal is a support system for resources and tips.  She should know that he is available to listen and engage in conversation throughout the whole improvement process.

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