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According to the background of Claire Benoit, her life is full of happiness. She comes from a warm family. Her genial parents always support her. She mostly has happy moment with her friends like in the birthday party. Her cheerful life; nevertheless, does not stay longer. She becomes one of the kidnapping victims. This event completely alters her beautiful life into a dreaded life. After being kidnapping, she faces with many threats on each day. Because of living initial life without any difficulties, it is hard for her to deal with this situation. 

In the scene of abduction, Claire Benoit is obviously a significant character owing to the fact that she is the real cause of kidnapping. As Claire is an air-headed and protected teenage girl who rarely faced with any pain or trauma, she then made an involuntary mistake with Barry who is one of Kevin’s personalities. She approached him and pulled his hands under her shirt to embarrass him. This action hit one of Barry’s psychological traumas leading to losing his dominant personality over the others. Consequently, as she was benighted of doing that action, she subsequently was abducted by Barry. 

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After taking all of information into consideration, we believe that Claire who is a supporting character has three psychological perspectives. To begin with behavioural perspective, she has been reinforced for displaying social behaviours. This contributes her to becoming more popular among her friends, so she is more likely to attend the party than being alone. Secondly, in terms of cognitive perspective, as she was able to successfully encourage others to want what she wants, she thinks that it will work for Casey too. So, at the first period of being abduction, she continuously inclined Casey to follow her escaped plan. Her skill; however, not works with Casey who can realise how strong Kevin is. Lastly, the idea that Claire makes the first attempt to escape through a vent in the ceiling in order to get rid of fearful feeling is another point in favour of the humanistic prospective. She wants to get out from Kevin’s basement so that she can get the benefits of a safety, happy and fulfilling life. The great efforts she makes; hence, will increase her chance for self-fulfilment. 

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