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According to Uhl-bien, Schermerhorn, and Osborn (2014) the “Big Five Model”
consists of five different personality demensions, Extraversion, Agreeableness,
Conscientiousness, Emotional stability and Openness to experience. Within each
category there are different traits associated with them. They are used to
describe how an individual acts, thinks or feels and each trait can have an
opposite. For example, the opposite for Extraversion is Introversion.

 After reading the material in the textbook I
believe I have traits high in Introversion, meaning I am more “withdrawn and
reserved” (Uhl-bien et al., 2014, p.34). I also believe that I have traits that
are high in Agreeableness and Conscientiousness, which correlates to how well I
get along with others and how dependable I am Uhl-bien et al., (2014). These particular
traits have a lot to do with how I act socially. Social traits defined by Uhl-bien
et al., (2014) are traits that “reflect how a person appears to others in
social settings” (p. 35). I believe that all three of the mentioned dimensions
also reflect my personal conception traits. One part of personal concept traits
is locus of control, which means does a person have the ability to control
his/her life Uhl-bien et al., (2014). As an Introvert I tend to have an
internal locus of control which is why I am more independent, when doing things
I proceed with caution and I am usually more satisfied with the outcome of my
work. Emotional adjustment traits which is defined by Uhl-bien et al., (2014)
as the “traits that indicate how one handles emotional distress or displays unacceptable
acts” also play a role in an individual’s personality (p. 40). After reading
the material I believe I have a Type B orientation meaning I tend to be more
relaxed and easygoing which correlates to the “Big Five Model” dimensions I
believe I am high in.

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I believe that all of the above
dimensions and traits that fall within them play a big part in my personality.
I have always been more independent and reserved. I would rather figure things
out by reviewing the facts rather than relying on someone to do the work for
me. I believe that I am a very dependable person as well as a very trusting person.
I believe that we for the most part have control over our lives and that if we
work hard enough we can succeed at anything.   



Uhl-bien, M., Schermerhorn, J. .R. Jr., and Osborn,  R. N.
(2014). Organizational behavior

(13th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley


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