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According to Dahl &
DeLavigna (2009) Does movie violence increase violent crime? In parts of the research stated that, a survey conducted by
Anderson and Buschman (2001) and Anderson et al. (2003), stated that there is
no exact causal link between the media violence and violent crime. An
experiment was then conducted, involving children or college students exposed
or having to watch to short and violent video clips. These experiments came out with a severe increase in violent
behavior immediately after the media exposure, in comparison to a controlled
group exposed to nonviolent clips.


Time of the exposure during a
particular hour also has it owns effect. In the same research by Dahl &
DeLavigna (2009) the effect of exposure to violent movie is expected to be
smaller in the morning or afternoon, from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M., when the movie
attendance is on minimal amount. Meanwhile in the evening hours, (6 P.M. to 12
P.M.) the researchers discovered significant negative effects on crime cases.

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Violent crimes rose down by 1.3% and 1.1% for estimated of each million people
watching a intense or mild violent movie, respectively. The effect is smaller and
statistically irrelevant for nonviolent movies.


2.3.2 Teenagers Behavior

Teenager violent behavior are
something not to be taken lightly by the society especially parents who plays
one of the huge role. Based on a research conducted by Schick and Cierpka (2016) Risk factors and prevention of
aggressive behavior in children and adolescents, the researchers stated that violence and the
willingness to use violence are unfortunately still very current issues among
children and adolescents these days. They added, wrongdoers of violence
behavior is associated with many risks which can lead to over long-term effects
significantly hinder their potential for development. Therefore, violence
effects towards behavior of adolescents may not only focus on the minor effects
but it goes beyond which sooner or later could bring effects not only to the
them but people around them too.


2.1.3  Media Influence Towards Behavior

media are a pervasive part of modern life, decades of research have revealed
that exposure to the media violence is one of the risk factor for aggression as
being reffered to a recent research by Bender, Plante & Gentile (2017) The effects of violent media content on
aggression. The research conducted survey evidence from:







added in the research, from one Singaporean study, which found out that
differences in player traits and game input devices may affect the relation
between violent gameplay and post-game aggression.


Meanwhile, according to a
study conducted by Huesmann and Taylor (2005) The role of media violence in violent behavior, emotional and
learning cognitions is the element that plays a huge role in shaping behavior
of the audience. An individual poses emotions after adapting content from the
media, As stated in the research, the long-term content effects seems to be due

More lasting
observational learning of cognitions and behaviors

Activation and
desensitization of emotional processes.


Media violence poses a threat
to public health as much as it leads to an increase in real world violence and
aggression. Research clearly shows that fictional television and film violence
contribute to an increase in aggression and violence,


Last but not least, Huesmann conducted the reaserch The Impact of Electronic Media Violence in

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