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According to Oxford Dictionary Technologies is “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in the industry”. As Clocksin claims technology usage rise productivity of factories especially ceramic tile producing, (Clocksin, 2003)Technologies such as artificial intelligence or well-developed machines may develop the manufacturing process. According to number of sold industrial robots rise sharply from 2004 to 2016, and earnings of “Yaskawa”, one of the leading company, raised by two times between 2009 and 2015. This fact shows that importance of industrial robots usage, and prove hypothesis about relevance between economics and science. If we look at an economical point of view, by using high-technologies in the industry owners save much more money than by using human labor. In addition, as Jorgensen states in this situation science and technology play big role because the level of science in the country gives some advantages in industrial developing.(Jorgensen, 2001) Also, this theme related to concepts change and process, because it shows how changes process of manufacturing. On the other hand according to US Department of labor(2017) unemployment rate in the USA is 4.1 %, which is normal for developed countries.In the words of  Frey, Benedict and Osborne (2013) some economists explain jobless growth by the rate of using automated technologies.That is why we can predict that in the nearest future unemployment rate grow up to 5-6%, and the country will spend money to decrease jobless rate. However, people may spend their time on self-improvement.Humans play important role in replacing human labor. Robots, AI technologies, machine learning systems all of these technologies made by humanity. Moreover, only high-educated persons can construct and set up machines.However, replacing of human labor may become the cause of some problems. As Autor claims that because of automation of human labor demand in labor decreases and may cause unemployment ( Autor D,2015). Also White states that majority of the profession such as miners, constructors, stevedores will be replaced in nearest future (White,2016). According to Raphael, S., & Winter?Ember, R. (2001) Unemployment is one of the determinants of the crime rate. Therefore, if employees lost their jobs, the crime rate in this region will increase.

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