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According to Christopher Columbus, “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”. Modifying the above statement I just want to add that in addition to that courage we also require a strong vision to see another side of the ocean.


In today’s world of growing technology, the other side of the ocean is a completely captured world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and we are constantly trying our best to cross the ocean. The acceleration with which the research is moving, we can ensure the victory in next 10-15 years. With this motivation, I am also trying to contribute in the race with a strong determination to create something for the betterment of the generations to come.

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We are currently in the midst of the technological and computing revolution that will drastically change our lives in the coming decade. I am very excited at devoting my long-term career to such a dynamic, fast-growing field. Since my childhood, I have enjoyed playing with computers and experimenting with different applications. Because my own lifetime has coincided with the rise of the modern computing industry, I can visualize that there is still more to come. It was obvious for me to choose Computer Science for my B.Tech program, and now, as I near the end of my undergraduate studies, it is my primary goal to contribute my education in a more competitive and challenging environment. Thus, an OMS CS degree from Georgia Tech (with specialization in Artificial Intelligence) is the only way to enhance my skills in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science in general.


Following graduation from OMS CS, I intend to contribute to the industry with my experience and knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence. I am excited to work with companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Uber, and many other companies where Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence plays a critical role. My primary goal is to have a deep understanding of the technologies I will use and develop. In the long run, I may also return to the research work by taking admission in the Ph.D. program which will also help in deepening my knowledge in the field of AI. Thus, according to my perspective, it’s my fortune that OMS CS has an “Online Masters with specialization in Artificial Intelligence”. This program will ultimately add some wings to my passion for developing something creative for the society.


My answer to the question, “Why OMS CS?” is quite straightforward. I have been impressed by the eminence of the OMS CS program. I have surveyed about this program on the Internet and asking former students. All the resources concluded that there are certainly a plenty of excellent faculty and good quality projects to work on which will ultimately provide research opportunities.


One of my primary reasons for choosing OMS CS is its reasonable cost. Given that Georgia Tech is one of the top-ranked graduate schools in the US and it’s Computer Science Department is ranked #5 in the world (According to Times Higher Education World University Rankings). For this compelling package, I appreciate Georgia Tech’s innovation in starting this program. I hope that such innovation will be replicated in other universities as well.


Another benefit of this online course is the allowance of completion according to our own pace. With this benefit, I can complete my Master’s degree more rapidly and can start my Ph.D. as early as possible.


These were some of the factors which ignited me to apply for OMS CS.

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