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Abstract (5-10 sentences)
Great number of companies, regardless its size and
the type of industry has to deal with challenge how to train employees in the
most efficient way, in order to achieve high performance. Modern business
dictate new trends which are need of extremely fast familiarization of new
joiners with their tasks and organizational goals, as well as constant
training and improvement of employees’ knowledge and skills.
In this thesis, mentioned questions will be explored
in multinational environment, analyzing the process orientation and training
process of employees in two foreign multinational companies with branches in
Serbia. Through Case Study, the companies will be compared as examples of
best practice and bad practice regarding the way of performing orientation
and training. One of the companies is using traditional way of orientation of
new joiners (informal), without clear structure and defined concept for human
resources development. The second one has developed clearly defined formal
and informal orientation, as well as concept for improvement of employees,
using new technologies: e-orientation and e-learning, where the focus will be


of the paper (max 3 sentences)
Primary aim of this thesis is providing insight on
the way how multinational companies in domestic environment perform
orientation of new joiners and training of employees using modern
technologies, identification of new trends in e-orientation and e-training
field, enabled by using e-learning concept, as well as challenges that
employees and companies face during orientation and training process. As a
result, the recommendations will show how to perform the process of
orientation and employee training in the most efficient way, using adequate
modern technologies, for other multinational companies with business in
Serbia, as well as for domestic companies that often as reference use best
practices of successful foreign multinational comapies.

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words (3-6 words)
training, e-learning, multinational company




I, the undersigned, declare that I complied this application
of dissertation topic
and I am aware of all criminal and disciplinary consequences of using
unauthorized copying, or parts of the text as a
whole. For the purposes of the
Master service department and for further consideration
of my application, I deliver a
printed application of dissertation topic which is identical to electronic
version of the application that
will be sent to the e-mail [email protected]

I agree
with the proposed title and the content of dissertation topic.

For the
second member of commission to review the final dissertation paper and to be a
member of committee for the defense, I propose: 

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