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Abstract— Due to the increasing
vehicle theft cases reported all over the world, vehicle  security system has been a topic of great
interest over the years. There is an increase in the production of vehicle
every year, but at the same time, theft attempts for the vehicle is also
increasing. It has been shown in the statistics that, nearly 1500 vehicles have
been stolen between the years 2008 and 2012. Most of the advanced
vehicle security systems best suit the four wheelers. The security system
available in the market, for the two wheeler security, is of no use as the
thieves are well equipped. This paper “Vehicle Security Control” focuses on the
ignition of fuel in vehicle based on fingerprint . In this project, a reliable
design for vehicle security has been proposed 
with features enhancing the control of fuel for ignition. The
fingerprint is detected and matched with the stored database. If the detected
fingerprint matches with the registered fingerprint, then the solenoid valve
gets opened and there is a fuel flow for ignition. This approach would be
fruitful to the users who want to possess valid and authenticated entry.


Keywords— Fingerprint sensor,
Solenoid valve

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perfect security system is required for any vehicle as the theft rate is
increasing every year. There are many security systems available in market with
variety of functions, modes , etc, but they are costlier. At the same time,
those system are not suitable now-a-days, because thieves are well equipped
.  In this project, the latest technology
called biometric is used for vehicle’s security. Biometrics is the technical term which refers to metrics, related
to human characteristics.

       The reason for going into
biometrics is that its chances of

being duplicated are very less. The realistic authentication for access
control is the Biometric authentication. The biometric identifiers refers to
the physiological characteristics and behavioural characteristics. Fingerprint,
face recognition, DNA, palm print, hand geometry, iris recognition, retina and
odour/scent are called the physiological characteristics of the biometric
identifier.  The pattern of behaviour of
a person like rhythm, gait and voice are called the behavioural
characteristics. Fingerprint sensor is more advantageous than the other
biometric sensors. This is because the fingerprint sensor provides high
accuracy, high reliability, high stability and high acceptance. Also,
fingerprint sensors can be used both for identification and authentication. And
so in this project fingerprint sensor has been chosen for providing security.



      In this project, fingerprint
of the people can be used to make sure the authorized access of the vehicle.
The primary security system uses a combination of enrolled Fingerprint and the
vehicle key to enable the fuel ignition. It means that even if someone gets
hold of user’s key the vehicle is still safeguarded from the theft and misuse.
This system also has the feature of sending message to the owner of the vehicle
when unauthorized access has been detected.


      In forensic applications automation of the
fingerprint recognition process turned out to be a great success. Fingerprints
have remarkable permanency and individuality over the time. The fingerprints
offer more secure and reliable person identification. The fingerprint sensor
takes in the fingerprint of the user which in turn sends the signal to the
microcontroller. The microcontroller then matches the fingerprint with the ones
that are stored in the database. Once the fingerprint is matched, the
microcontroller sends the signal to the solenoid valve which controls the fuel
flow for the ignition of fuel in the vehicle. At the same time ‘matched fingerprint’
message will be displayed in the LCD. Whenever an unauthenticated person tries
to scan his fingerprint, there is no fuel flow for ignition, and hence the
vehicle is secured from starting. At the same time, ‘did not match’ message
will be displayed in the LCD.


       This paper focuses on the
fuel flow in vehicle using fingerprint sensor for generating the  results along with some proficiency and
accuracy by reducing its cost factor. It could be easily bought by customers at
affordable price.


      The security systems that are
availabe in the market are very expensive so that the buyers could not afford
to have a security system that is efficient. The security systems that are  affordable have lots of limitations. The
basic security system that is available in the market at affordable price is  provided with just an alarm circuit. It makes
loud noise in such a way disturbing people around it whenever someone touches
the bike. Even if the owner touches it unfortunately, without turning on the
key, then also the system installed will produce loud noise. This security
system is simple in construction but at the same time it is not user friendly.


      Numerous researches are being
carried out to improve the  security
system to the vehicle that are user friendly. One such system has incorporated
radio frequency identification method for vehicle security. This system
includes three units like transmitting unit, receiving unit and the interfacing
unit. The receiver unit is always embedded in the vehicle and  the transmitter unit is present in the hands
of the owner. So that the owner can control the vehicle through this
transmitter unit. This establishes a perfect communication between the vehicle
and the owner. But this has the limitation of operating range. This system is
suitable only upto the operating range of 200m. 


        The next level of security
system was introduced with password. Once the user forgets the password, then
it is difficult for the owner to start the vehicle. Then came the GSM based
security system. Since the microcontroller can be interfaced efficiently between
input and output devices, some security systems used microcontroller
interfacing. In such GSM based security  systems, mobile phone has been used as a
medium of communication between the user and the system. In such systems the
mobile phones were used as the input device. This type of security system  has been used only for tracking the vehicle
by making phone calls from the registered SIM through the input device, mobile
phone. This system does not deactivate the engine operation and it also doesn’t
inform the user regarding the theft. It has been used only for tracking the
vehicle. This GSM based security system is bit costlier when compared to other
type of  security systems. There is an
other type of  anti-theft alarm system,
where the number of sensors used are more and because of this the system became
complicated and costly.


        The proposed system is designed in such
a way that it is easily affordable for the buyers. Though this system is
affordable, it has very little limitations when it is compared with the other




Fig.1: Proposed block diagram



        The supply to the components that are
used in this system is DC. Hence battery which supplies the DC voltage is used.
The battery used in this system can supply the voltage of 12 v.

But, some of  the components used in the system requires
only 5v. Hence voltage regulator is used to regulate the supply voltage. In
order to have the ripple free supply voltagae from the regulator, the capacitor
is used. The ripples have to be removed as it may damage the rest of the
components used. The ripple free supply is regulated using the regulator IC.
Then this voltage is given to the components like microcontroller and the
fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor has the EEPROM chip which is used to
store the fingerprints for authorized access. The fingerprint sensor senses the
fingerprint of the user and then it is matched with the database of
fingerprint  stored in its memory.


         When the fingerprint matches with the
database then the microcontroller sends the signal to the solenoid valve. When
the solenoid valve receives the signal from the microcontroller, it starts
operating. If the fingerprint sensed by the fingerprint sensor doesn’t match
with the database then  signal will not
be sent to the solenoid valve. So the solenoid valve doesn’t operate. It means
that there is no fuel flow for the ignition system. Hence the vehicle can be
secured from the unauthorized person’s access at the time of ignition itself.


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