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I have learned
a lot about zombies over the past few weeks. My perception of zombies has also changed,
although I still think that the “modern day, Hollywood zombie” is fascinating. Ever
since I was young, I always thought that zombies were fake. I never thought once
that multiple different cultures have their own version of a zombie.

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Zombies come
from many different cultures. One of them being in the Haitian culture. It all started
back in the 17th century for these guys. It came about after African
slaves were made to work on sugar can plantations. The slaves would get so sick
of not being in control, they started to commit suicide. The slave owners had to
think of something to tell them in order for them to stop losing “property”. The
slave owners made the slaves believe that if they committed suicide; they would
spend eternity on the plantations doing nothing but roaming around with no way out.
In the slave’s eyes, spending eternity on the plantation was incredibly worse that
eternity in hell.

In today’s
society, many people think that a zombie apocalypse is possible. People will go
as far as going to conventions where they learn how to survive a real zombie apocalypse.
I am not one of the people who thinks it is possible. I have always thought that
a zombie apocalypse would be caused by some virus that somehow spread to many people.
Well, everyone is different; we all get affected by things differently than others.
I do not think that a virus spreading and people not being able to treat it would
ever be possible. Maybe a long time ago when there wasn’t a lot of medical help
that could be given, but now, we have a lot of medical help and there are so many
ways people can be treated. People go to the doctor for almost anything, so I feel
that if something were to happen to someone, they would know something is wrong
and would go get help and get treated. People are often usually smart enough to
try to avoid too much human contact if they feel that they are sick enough to contaminate
someone else.

Zombies have
not always been flesh-eating monsters. Zombies appear in pop culture as far back
as 1697, starting with literature. In the beginning, zombies were known as basically
anything dead. This includes ghosts, spirits, and vampires. The whole “modern day
zombie” started in 1968 with the film “Night of the Living Dead” which was directed
by George Romero. Since then there have been many zombie movies and television shows
made which has continued to make zombies more and more popular. I think that zombies
will remain popular in pop culture for a very long time just because people are
so fascinated and intrigued by them.

In Conclusion,
zombies have many different origins, but the Haitian culture was one of the starting
points for zombies, which was originally spelled, Zombi. I do not think a zombie
apocalypse is possible just because of our medical advances and people’s fear of
being sick. I also think that zombies will remain popular for many years to come
just because there is such a fascination with them.

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