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group do a research that it is better to be a man or woman. This topic comes
from the existence of gender discrimination and the concept of equality between
men and women in today’s society. According to the daily life and the existing
research, this paper compares three different advantages of male and female —
women live longer, while men do not experience menstruation; women are better
at multitasking, and the average IQ of men is higher; women have priority, but
women are discriminated against when they are looking for a job. After
comparison, to a certain extent, we think that being a woman is better, because
women show greater advantages in the three arguments. The purpose of this
article is to research the differences of gender, rather than only demonstrating
which kinds of gender is better, because the gender is not determined by
people. After reading, you will understand the strengths and weaknesses of
women and men. Besides, it will deepen your understanding of the opposite sex
and different treatments in the modern society.

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ancient China, women were at the bottom of society without basic human rights.
There is an old saying that ignorance
is a woman’s virtue in China. Confucian ideology promoted the idea of
female inferiority and separation of sexes. Women were generally excluded from
formal education and participation in policy-making, the military, and other
activities in public spheres (Wang, 2006). A woman should be a housewife, not
to read or work. However, this phenomenon can’t be commented by today’s point
of view. Over the past few decades, people have been calling for equality
between men and women. Not only women are fighting for their rights, but some
men also support them. People have different views on this problem, and there
are many discussions at the same time. One of the discussions is that it is
better to be a woman or a man. In contemporary society, it is better to be a
woman because women can live longer, are better at multitasking and are in a dominant

of all, though men look stronger, women live longer than men in fact. A study
points out that people who have lived to be more than 110 years old are called
super-centenarians. The chances of living to be more than 110 years old are 1
in 3 million. In the world, there are about 560 super-centenarians and almost
90% are women (Austad, 2006). Besides, Borras et al. (2007) find that females live longer than males which is
related with the mitochondrial theory of aging. Life is like a
countdown. When the time runs out, people will die. There are also lots of
people who die by accident and lose their lives, which are the most precious
things. Women have more time to enjoy their life. Perhaps she may not be able
to live happily, but living is hope with infinite possibilities, and the dead
can only be a cold body. However, some people do not want to be women because
of their menstruation. In general, women should pay special attention to diet
during the period of menstruation, and at the same time, they can’t do some intense
exercise and so on. In a word, during the period of menstruation, women are
always bound. What’s worse, according to a research, the incidence of primary
dysmenorrhea is 50% among women in the period of menstruation without any
evident pathology to account for them, which causes significant disruption in
quality of life (Dawood, 2006). Although
women can’t avoid menstruation, being a woman is still a good choice. First of
all, it is impossible to deny the great pain caused by dysmenorrhea, but the
pain does not last for a lifetime and not every woman has to suffer from
dysmenorrhea. In real life, many dysmenorrhea is because some women have bad
habits. They don’t care about their health, and only when they feel pained,
they think that menstruation is very annoying. In contrast, longer lifespan is
more attractive, because people have more time to do what they want to do. As
ordinary parents, it’s a happy thing to witness a child’s wedding. If they can
live longer, it may be possible to see their grandchildren get marry and have
children. As an old man, there is nothing happier than being surrounded by cute
children. For the people who spent the first half of their lives on struggle, longer
lifespan allows them to enjoy their achievements. As a result, longer lifespan
plays a greater role and it is better to be women. 

women show a stronger ability of multitasking. Szameitat
et al. (2015) find strong evidence supporting that women are better at
multitasking than men. Besides, Ren et al. (2009) do a study and find that women’s
cognitive control is more robust than men’s, which offers some evidence to the
idea that females’ are better

Multitasking means that people can frequently switch different tasks at the
same time. For example, some women can write email while answering the phone.
It is important for efficient work. In theory, this can save half the time. Taking
driving as another example, some women can drive while calling. In general, it
is dangerous and not allowed by law because people can’t concentrate on driving
which causes traffic accident. Nevertheless, in some cases people have to
answer the phone while driving, such as an emergency call and they can’t stop
on the road.

who are good at multitasking may be more secure in this case. However, some
people consider men better because men are more intelligent. A research finds
that the average IQ of men is 4.6 points higher than that of women (Irwing & Lynn, 2006).

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