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    Abstract: The technology of designer babies
has improved nowadays and scientists have known some genes that decide height, weight
and so on. If you could decide your kids’ genes, would you like to do that? In
this article, I am going to share you about the problems that designer babies
create and why we should forbid them. I surf the Internet and found that many
doctors argue that designer babies shouldn’t be allowed, because it not only transgress
the morality but also create disease for these babies as well as widening the
gap between poor and rich. Consequently, to protect ourselves and the babies
and help the world to be harmonious, designer babies should be forbidden.

With the
developing of biotechnology, designer babies are coming to the view of people.
Differ from test-tube babies, “designer babies are either created from an
embryo selected by preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) or genetically
modified in order to influence the traits of the resulting children” (Pang
& Ho,2016?p.59) 1.
Although designer babies can help couples who are infertile or cure their
siblings sometimes, avoid some diseases and enhance people’s ability or bodies,
it does more harm because designer babies violate the morality,
cause many problems to themselves and enlarge the gap of the rich and the poor.

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Designer babies violate the morality so
they shouldn’t be allowed. Maybe some people argue designer babies should be
allow because it can help the infertile couples or cure their siblings. Designer
babies can help couples who can’t own their kids normally or to “help to
transplant the genes of the newly born baby into an existing sick sibling to
save its life” 2, stated by Johnson (2004, p.372), a Professor of
Reproductive Sciences. For example, according to Johnson (2004), after reading
a famous newspaper named Observer, Mrs. Smith agreed that she can give deliver
to a designer baby for her child in case that her child have some illness that
can’t be mended easily, which can also save money. 2 For those parents
with a sick child of terminal disease, if there aren’t designer babies, their
children becoming more and more weakness but what they can do is to help them
to live more comfortable, how grieved and helplessness they are. And if you are
the one who suffer from this illness, you will also agree your parents to have
a designer baby to cure you. But actually, designer babies do more harm to the
morality, which should be forbidden. At first, designer babies are also babies,
so they have the some right as the normal babies, especially their lives and
their bodies can’t be used for part of other people. Today they create designer
babies for avoid illness and kill them for cure other people’s diseases, day
after they will create more designer babies to help themselves or other people
to live longer or to be more beautiful. For instance, as Department of Medical
Genetics, Sousa and Barros (2004, p.597), they argued that “We also predict
that society will allow selection of advantageous characteristics, such as
longevity, beauty, stature, sex, physical power, emotional and technical
intelligence and skills”. 3 In this case, designer babies are not
people but just like goods that can be used for people selfish desire. This not
only lead to demoralization but also transform human being to be an improved
species. Consequently, for the whole society and human being, designer babies
shouldn’t be allowed.

Designer babies should be forbidden for the
reason that they could contribute to many problems for themselves and the
society. Someone argues that designer babies do help to avoid some disease or
help to save others’ life. Take an example, as doctors
of Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Pang & Ho (2016) stated that
designer babies are necessary because they can avoid some illness like cystic
fibrosis and ?-thalassemia, which can’t be cured now 1. The
article also showed that “1 in 5000 children are suffering from mtDNA
(mitochondrial DNA) mutation related diseases”, which can solve through
“transfer the nuclear genome from the pronuclear stage zygote of a mitochondria
disease carrier to an enucleated healthy donor oocyte” (Pang & Ho , 2016,
p.60).1 Besides, there was healthy and unaffected designer baby
born and save his brother aged 6 who suffered from Fanconi amaemia, said by Verlinsky
et al. (2000) 5 , which means the operate of designer babies can
be successful. As Williams (2004) published, if only several families with
problems of some diseases that they create designer babies, there won’t have
any influence on the whole society. 6 If there are no designer
babies, with their growing up, they will suffer from the illness even lose
their life, how misery they are and their families? However, designer babies
cause more problems than it helps to cure some diseases. For example, Annas (2016,
p.508) presented that “the first experiment of Sun-Yat Sen University was done
on mitochondrial transfer, an experiment that ended disastrously in the death
of one fetus and two premature newborns and probably set the field back more
than a decade.” 7 From this essay, we know that designer babies
have many problems, such as premature delivery, lighter than normal deliver
babies and so on. What’s worse, according to Pang and Ho (2016), doctors of
obstetrics and gynaecology, “genome editing therapy has hidden risks;
off-target cleavage was observed and serious side effects may occur when
essential genes were cleaved.” 1 And it is because they are
designer babies, doctors don’t have so much information of their potential gene
mutation which appear it appearance that they don’t know how to deal with this
kind of illness. In this case, those designer babies may lose their lives and
parents will lose their kids. It is obvious that parents are more painful
losing their kids than they never have, which just like they jump from heaven
to earth. And finally, they also need lot of money for the operation, no matter
succeeds or fail, which may result in them in debt. Consequently, designer
babies lead to lots of problems and cause new disease that it should be

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