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The conception of cybercrime is relating to the age
of information super highway of the contemporary world. Now-a-days cybercrime
has emerged as an alarming a great social problem in Bangladesh as well as the
worldwide. It causes harm to the privacy of individuals as well as creates
threat to the international peace and solidarity like hacking, sending
malicious mails, spreading vulgar pictures, cyber terrorism and illegal using
of intellectual properties. This paper confirms the ICT Act, 2006 a historical
step in the cyber world. The ICT Act was enacted in Bangladesh for prevention
and control of Cyber Crimes. With the coming into force of ICT Act, it becomes
necessity to introduce certain consequential change in certain provisions of
the Penal Code, 1860 as also in the Evidence Act, 1872 in the legal system of
Bangladesh in order to meet the new requirements of the cyber space. In this
regard, the socio-legal analysis suggests how every country of the world can
enact effective legal provisions within the purview of their national boundary
to protect cybercrimes from cyber space.

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Cybercrimes have risen so
dramatically in recent years that they have seemingly replaced old-fashioned,
organized crime.

The proliferation of technology devices
and other equipment; their pervasive use across age, gender, socioeconomic and
geographic boundaries; and, for many, a false sense of information security
have merged to create a perfect storm for cybercriminal activity. In fact,
cybercrimes have risen so dramatically in recent years that they have seemingly
replaced old-fashioned, organized crime.

A cybercrime is defined as an intended
act involving the use of computers or other technologies, and the criminal
activity must take place in a virtual setting, such as the Internet.2 Cybercrimes
share three elements:

1. Tools and techniques to perpetrate a crime

2. Approach or methodology for executing the criminal plan — known as
a vector

3. Crime itself that is the end result of those plans and activities
(a cybercrime is the ultimate objective of the criminal’s activities)


 “The modern
thief can steal more with a computer than with a gun. Tomorrow’s terrorist may
be able to do more damage with a keyboard than with a bomb” Babu, Maya (2004).

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