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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is a network consisting of many autonomous devices monitored by using basic device called sensor. These sensors are proficient enough to sense the environment in which they are incorporated. Data is collected from them and is processed to do a particular task or set of tasks required. The process of collecting data is
obtained through a wireless medium. Thus, WSN is more cost-efficient, Flexible and can be accessed from
anywhere on the globe.

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The architecture of WSN depends on the purpose of
utilization. Common elements used in a WSN are energy supply, sensors, storage, bidirectional transceiver and other devices used for wireless connection. This paper concentrates on basic architecture which is similar to OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model and also depicts advancements in the same.



OSI is a reference model which illustrates how a message or information is passed from one application to another application. Based on this model below is the simple architecture of WSN. 



1: WSN Architecture based on OSI model. 1 


2 is the pictorial representation of how wireless sensor works when one needs
to monitor different elements be its Machine or living organism like animal and



Figure 2: Wireless sensor networks architecture. 2 


As per 3 authors proposed a cross-layer Security Management Plane, with a main actor Security,
Privacy and Trust Manager (Figure 3), which addresses: a) the defined
requirements taking into account the diverse application spaces and their
scenarios, b) the diverse node capabilities which is a characteristic for
Wireless Sensor Networks architecture and c) the change of the context and
preferences of the user in the scenarios where end user is heavily involved.


paper explains about differences in both the architectures and also application
based architecture in wireless Sensor Networks.




Figure 3: Security, Privacy and trust architecture of WSN 



1 Akyildiz,
I.F., Su, W., Sankarasubramaniam,
y., Cyirci,
E., Wireless sensor networks: a survey. Computer Networks, Vol. 38 no.4: p.
393-422, 2002. 


3 I. Akyildiz, W. Su, Y. Sankarasubramaniam, E. Cayirci, A survey on sensor networks, IEEE Commun. Mag. 40 (8) (2002)

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