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Abraham Lincoln was a soldier in the Blackhawk war against the indians and stood up for civil rights in a successful attempt to end slavery.”Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.

“(Lincoln,6) one of the few quotes from Abraham lincoln  before he was assassinated on April 14,1865.Abraham lincoln was born on February 12,1809 and assassinated on April 14, 1865. He was born in Hodgenville,Kentucky along with Thomas and Nancy Hanks and a sister named Sarah and a brother named Thomas who died in infancy. Abraham Lincoln was an American statesman and lawyer who served as the 16th President of the United States from March 1861 until his death. Abraham lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation which freed over 3 million enslaved people.Abraham lincoln was a hero because he was self confident in rough times, he was honest to others, he was brave by fighting for this country.Abraham lincoln was self-confident because he believed that he could make the world a better place and win the civil war he stood up and took pride in all the soldiers that fought in battle. He was also self-confident because he had faith that he could end slavery and after he ended slavery on Dec 6,1865 he was shot and killed only a few months later.

Abe was  self-confident because as a young boy he believed that he could be something better. He also believed that he could win the election Abraham lincoln was honest because in one case, he was giving a woman tea for money.  Unknowingly, he gave her less tea than she actually paid for.  Later that night Abraham lincoln realized that he had given her less tea than she paid for, so he carried the tea to her the same night, giving him the name “Honest Abe.

“Abraham lincoln was brave because he served as a soldier in the Blackhawk war (May 1832- August 1832.)  He was also brave because he signed the Emancipation ProclamationAbraham lincoln was a hero because he was Self confident and he did not give up and he persevered through war and won for this country. Abraham lincoln was honest because he once short-changed a woman for tea and gave her the extra tea. He was a hero because he was brave and fought through the blackhawk war against the indians.

Abraham lincoln is a hero to America.

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