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A person’s character is heavily dependent on the method they were raised and their parents’ influence in their life. It consists of their identity, their ideals and, in my case, a will to succeed. I believe that everyone has a different character that they enact in the big play of life. These different characters and their characteristics are what makes the world such a unique place and in particular, it is what makes Frisco a better place. A mixture of unique characters that come together seamlessly to help the university become more diverse in culture, religion, lifestyles, and passions.For me personally, my character consists of three things; a loving personality, the will to succeed, and the belief in my religion. Firstly, I believe that I have a loving personality which consists of the need and ability to make people laugh and keep them happy which in turn makes me happy. It also encompasses my caring side which is prevalent in my life. I care about people who matter to me and will do anything to make them happy. Secondly, my character also consists of the will to succeed. I am a huge believer in success to the point where it is one of my major life goals. Success does not come easy or to everyone, however with hard work, and a will to succeed, I give myself a good chance of attaining it. Thirdly, my character also consists of the belief in my religion. I have been raised to believe in a higher power through my religion of Hinduism. That thought of a higher power has been instilled in me from a young age and I have recently started to realize the significance of it. I do believe in a higher power, and I do believe that it looks out for me which is what gives me faith and hope that one day my aspirations will come true. I believe that this particular aspect of my character can add to the diversity of any university which can help strengthen the ideals of a more diversified society.Furthermore, to be more specific, my characteristics such as a loving personality, the will to succeed, and the belief in my religion will help me not only long-term success but also in short-term success. The next five years of my life will be filled with three things; sleep, books, and the number 4.0. I’ve heard college ruins your sleep schedule through the amount of work and responsibilities it gives you, however, I am looking forward to that experience. Secondly, books because knowledge is everything in life, especially in college. Finally, the number 4.0 because that is what I will be trying to achieve with my GPA for the betterment of my future. Overall, my personal characteristics will help me achieve my goal of success through building a strong foundation in the next five years during my time in college. They will also help me enjoy my time in college and make sure that I enjoy the full experience because it is a very important time in a person’s life. The entrance into adulthood with lessons on responsibility and accountability.

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