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A huge aspect of how American
culture functions today is based on dichotomies. Diversity approach allows
individuals to have different ways of approaching issues and this results in
dichotomies within our society. Diversity approach supports that everyone has
different competencies and different attitudes towards issues (Dennison
1.9.2018). Individuals are constantly being grouped into categories due to the dichotomies
that are present in our society. Having the diversity approach towards these
issues creates a way of thinking or place that rejects the dichotomies, these are
called third spaces (Dennison 1.9.2018). The third space allows people to think
in a different way about the dichotomies and to challenge them to lessen the
inequality within our society.

An expressive culture that
explores this concept is the “The
Hidden History of Martha’s Vineyard Sign Language”. Martha’s Vineyard is a
place in which deafness was not considered a form of suffering or disability
(Dennison 1.9.2018). The people who lived in this place accepted the people who
were deaf. Instead of viewing deafness as a disability, they created a way of
thinking or place that does not isolate anyone from the community (Dennison
1.9.2018). This community did not have a normal versus abnormal or an ability
versus disability dichotomy. Because the use of sign language was socially
accepted both for the people who were deaf and people not deaf. The sign
language that was used in this community fully presents the diversity approach
in creating third spaces, so that deaf people do not get isolated from the

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A meaningful quote from the reading, “Comics Perfectly
Illustrate the BS People with Disabilities Put Up With”, states that “There’s
no right or wrong way to be disabled” (Wanshel 2016). This comic shows that
everyone has different ways of approaching in society. Everyone copes with a
disability differently. Instead of thinking that this person is different
and that there is a clear distinction between what is normal and what is
considered abnormal. People should reject dichotomies and challenge the status
quo (Dennison 1.9.2018) to make sure that these people with disabilities are
also considered a part of the community and not being constantly excluded.

having a diversity approach in creating third spaces can also create
limitations. There are many cultures around the world and the ideas that circulate
from generation to generation are constantly changing. A person in a community
might have different views on how to approach an issue since everyone is associated
with different cultures. What is considered “abnormal” in one culture might be
considered “normal” in another. In addition, what might be considered “normal”
in this generation might be considered different in the next generation. By having
diversity approach produces dichotomies. One group of the dichotomy is usually more
powerfully privileged than the other (Dennison 1.9.2018). By having power in
society and a broad spectrum of ideas, might influence more people to reject
third spaces and limit the ways in which we move away from dichotomies. 

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