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A very interesting, and somewhat strange mammal, the platypus. The platypus is a mammal thats structure is built like an otter, the tail is like a beaver, and the beak is like a duck.

It’s almost as if the creatures were morphed into one. The common mammal, gives birth by pushing out the baby, like humans. Humans and other animals with hair or fur, like cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, wolves, foxes, and many others give birth by pushing out their babies one by one.

The platypus is more unique than other mammals.A platypus gives birth like chickens, ducks, and many other birds. That’s right, they lay eggs. However, unlike birds, the platypus has hair. If an animal has hair, it means they are a mammal.Like other mammals, the platypus lives for approximately 17 years. They get 14 hours of sleep and the platypus spends more time having rapid eye movement than any other animal. The platypus, unlike the giraffe, is a very heavy sleeper.

The platypus also has a very specific name, and a nickname as well. The platypus can be referred to as the Ornithorhynchus anatinus, and the Duck Billed-Platypus. A platypus is found in eastern Australia and Tasmania.The platypus may look cute when you look at it, but they are actually poisonous. The male platypuses have a poison apparatus on their hind legs. The poison glands are also located in the thighs and a hollow spur near the heel.

The poison sting is not very dangerous, but it causes very painful and swollen areas that the poison contacted the human at. If a platypus is wanted as a pet, or to be domesticated, it is a very bad idea. It is illegal to domesticate a platypus and keep it as a pet. It would be very dangerous towards the platypus, because it’s needs would be unmet. Compared to other animals, platypuses are highly sensitive towards ecological changes.Female platypuses, unlike males, are born with spurs of poison but however, the spurs fall off before adulthood. Baby platypuses are also be referred to as puggles.

The name puggles, is technically incorrect. It is a misconception, because a baby platypus should be called a baby platypus.Unlike humans, dogs have actually died from platypus poisoning. If a human was to try to eat a platypus, the human would just get the usual symptoms from getting platypus poisoning.  A platypus is called a monotreme.

The platypus is one of two animals in the world that are egg laying mammals. The other monotreme is called an echidna. A baby echidna is called a puggle. The confusion with a echidna and a platypus is that a baby echidna is called a puggle and a baby platypus is not. An echidna, unlike a platypus, is not venomous.

Echidnas have spurs, but they are not poisonous. The echidna’s specific name is called a Tachyglossidae.  

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