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successful negotiation is a task that requires going through two important
stages—negotiating with difficult people
and negotiating agreement without giving
in. A set of strategies need to be followed to deal with uncooperative and
inexorable opponents to persuade them to break the psychological barriers that
stop them to go ahead with accepting the benefits that can be achieved from the


is quite important to remain calm
while dealing with people having unsporting attitude. This can be achieved by controlling emotional outbursts and
focusing on the expected outcome of the negotiation activity. Analyzing the
tactics followed by the opponents and changing negotiation strategies
accordingly is quite important to succeed in negotiation tasks. It is an
effective way to allow the opponent to speak out their fears and concerns in
calming their emotional nervousness.

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Clarifying their doubts
while sympathizing with their thought processes provides them with a sense of
security and that result in reducing tensions and promote an atmosphere of
agreement. Once the opponent is in the frame of mind when they would actually
be interested in listening to the benefits they are going to obtain as an
outcome of the negotiation, pitching the ideas and asking open ended questions
would be effective.


is also advisable to listen to the
counter ideas pitched in by the opponents. The ideas can be the outcome of
the expectations not being met. In that case, taking care of the ambiguities by
inviting constructive criticism and offering choices would be helpful.
Providing further clarifications increases the chances of agreement from the
opponent’s side. Discussing all the aspects of the agreement thoroughly would
allow incorporation of logic and perspective from both the sides. This will
provide a vivid understanding on the expectations of the opponent that in turn
would help you persuade the opponent to get into the agreement by convincing
them that there is no compromise made from their side.


A third-party involvement could also be
an undefeatable weapon that would give an impression that getting into the
proposed agreement may be result in benefiting the opponent. Using the bargaining
power to help the opponent understand the benefits is the best resort that
could be followed at the end.


are number of methods to reach effective agreements that would be fair and long
lasting. The agreements are supposed to
improve the relationship between the parties and stakeholders involved in
it. Positional bargaining must not be
encouraged to get into an agreement as it has the capability to ruin the
relationship between the stakeholders and may badly influence the expected
benefits proposed for the parties. Instead, principled negotiation allows the
stakeholders reach an effective agreement.


are principles that need to be followed in all the stages of a negotiation as
and when safeguarding of the interests and perceptions of the agreeing parties
is required. When issues arise in an agreement scenario, the indigenous methods should be followed
to find effective resolutions to the corresponding types of issues. As most of
the people get personally involved with the issues and take sides as per their
comfortable position, separating the people from the issues allows the parties
to have a clear idea of the problems. Difference
in perceptions, emotions, and communications is believed to be the primary
factors that raise problems and issues in an agreement process. It is
required to deal with the issues pertaining to these factors effectively considering
all the dimensions to address the issues without damaging the relationship
among the parties.


Good agreements are
those that concentrate on the interests of all the participating parties rather
than their positions. The problems arising in an agreement need to be discussed in an environment where ideas are not
restricted. The interest of the parties needs to be identified prior to
finalizing the resolutions. However, there should be enough scope to accept
different proposals and positions.


are usually a number of barriers that
stop the parties from generating creative options in finding out effective
resolutions to the issues arising in the agreement process. The barriers
may arise when the parties – prematurely decide on an option without considering
alternatives, narrow their options to find the single answer, define the
problem in win-lose terms, and decide that it is up to the other side to come
up with a solution to the problem. To overcome these huddles, there should be a
brainstorming session to find out all the possible solutions. The brainstorming
sessions must be conducted in a spirit where stating the problem, analyzing the
problem, considering general approaches, and considering specific actions are

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