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A lifestyle blog, on Instagram, is visual
representation of the author’s everyday life, interests and activities. The
blog will be very personalized – since the content comes from your thoughts and
your actions. You will typically find quotes the author will relate to or find
inspiring; pictures of areas they visited; pictures of their homes and
workplaces; and reflections on the activities that went through their day. Lifestyle
blogs are often created to inspire people on ways of living. 

The lifestyle blogger’s goal is to be seen
as a go-to person when a user is trying to make decisions regarding their daily

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Advice for aspiring Lifestyle bloggers:

Many people tend to assume that the
Lifestyle niche is the easiest niche to enter. It may appear to be one of the
easiest niches to join, but it is also one of the most competitive niches.

There are a lot of people who believe that an audience will learn from how they
live their lives. You need to find something about your blog that will set you
apart from your competitors. You also need to be sincere with your content.

Many people are tempted to exaggerate their lifestyles to attract more
followers; don’t fall into this trap. Be true to who you are – sincerity always

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