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A Tribe Called Red

            A Tribe Called Red is a Canadian
band that has a total of three members. My friend introduced me to their music
awhile back ago and I thought they were an interesting group. I was very excited
to see a familiar band that I recognized. There are not many Native American
music like theirs in the media. The equipment that they use to create their
beats for their music is called a DJ controller. They make music that represent
their tribe and while carrying on their heritage. They gain their popularity by
incorporating electronic beats with traditional powwow music. The songs that
they performed at their concert had a lot of hip-hop, dub step, and electronic
feel to it. In the beginning of the concert, the dancer was incorporating
powwow dancing with break dancing as well. Powwow is an American Indian
ceremony where it consists of dancing, singing, and feasting.

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            The concert started out with a song
that incorporated hip-hop with the Native American music. Every beat that the
band played represented the pounding of a drum. The beat helped the dancer to
moved along with it and he was able to pow wow through the song. He combined
many styles of dancing, while also still keeping the native styles as well. The
dancer was dressed in colorful outfits, while the band were all wearing black
from head to toe. It was interesting to see the featured singer, Lido Pimienta,
coming out wearing the bands black hoodie. She came out with a fierce attitude
and stood her ground to empower the Native American music and also empowering
all tribes.

            A Tribe Called Red’s songs could be
heard in the club scenes or even outside of it. Their music was meant for
dancing that include many selections of dance genres such as electro, dub step,
and dancehall. The band is constantly hyping up the audience while they are
performing and making them jump in on the beat. They are mashing up remixes of
dance music with more of dance music (powwow), which is a smart combination,
because they both have the same level of spirit to it. Their song incorporates
drumming and traditional Native singing with electronic and hip-hop beats. This
style of music not only intrigued young indigenous people, but it is also
attracting many other different cultures. It is now heard in popular culture, which
they are slowly making their way to the media. The instrument that they used is
a DJ controller, which many electronic dance music use. EDM is a new uprising
music genre for raves, nightclubs, and festivals. As I was watching the
concert, it definitely reminded me of raves and festivals that I went to. The
strobe lights were flashing intensely and the crowd jumping up and down and
moving to the rhythm and beat of the song. I would consider A Tribe Called Red
as EDM music, because their beats and mixes are very similar to EDM. The venue
of the concert was massive. There were tons of people outside with their arms
up and waving their lights to the music. The dancer was able to interact with
the crowd through his dancing and hyping them up to get loud and to dance
along.  He was able to incorporate his
hula-hoops while powwowing as well.

            Feelings can be portrayed through
music and music could also be a form of speech where artists can speak out
about their emotions. A Tribe Called Red’s music represents and speaks out for
indigenous people that were forcefully colonized. For the “Stadium Pow Wow”
music video, there were a lot more drum beats that were incorporated in the
song. The band promoted indigenous music, art, and fashion in the music video. This
song has full of energy and motivation through its mixture of on going beats,
the chanting, and the singing that gets your body pumping. The guy in the video
changed out of his modern day clothing and was ready to let loose when he
changed into his traditional Native clothing. I think the purpose of this video
was to close the gap between indigenous North Americans with other culture so
that we can share something similar through electronic music with cultural
experience. This video helps other non-native people understand their culture
in a different way.  

            The “Virus” music video is a very
powerful song. The music video and the spiritual lyrics showed true emotion and
reality on those that were affected. This music video was the voice to all who
were kept silent. The song incorporated many chanting and dancing. It showed
many protests and wrongs that have been going across nation that the government
had done wrong to the Native Americans. A Tribe Called Red was able to speak
out about these incidents that had cause trauma to the natives through their
music. They are able to captivate attention of other people who are not native
and help them feel a connection through the sorrow of indigenous people. The
dub step was able to intensify and empowered the music. The visual of the song
was captivating; each one of it had a story that wants to be told.  The song and video symbolize that Native
Americans will never give up and back down and that they will continue to keep
fighting for what is right. This song included many protests, which means that
the Native American will keep on chanting until they get treated with respect.

            They were able to connect with their
audience through their music and were able to create something new to captivate
newer audiences. They are able to create electric pow wow, which they shared a
piece of their culture to the public. From the concert video, they seem like
the type of dancing party music, but when you watched their music videos, they
represent a powerful cultural movement. The native singing/chanting and drumming
is what kept their song traditional. Their music is for all culture around the
world and they promote unity for all races and genders. 

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