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A computer cluster is
a set of loosely or tightly interconnected computers that
work together so that they can be considered and recognized as a single
computer system with each single PC as a main component of network.
Unlike grid computers, computer clusters have
each node i.e. a particular PC considered
as a node is set to perform the same task, controlled, habituated and scheduled
by software.

The components of a cluster are
usually connected to each other through fast networks of local areas of operating nodes,
with each node on which computer used act as a server runs its
own functions and applications of an operating system.
In most of the cases, all of the nodes shares the same hardware based on same architecture
and the same operating system, although in some common setups, different
operating systems can be used on each computer, or different hardware.2

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These Cluster networks are usually inhaled
to improve performance and availability over that of a single computer for
achieving a task that requires a tougher environment, while typically being
much more economic and costly higher than single computers of comparable speed
or availability of networks.3

These Computer clusters emerged as a
result of indulgence of a number of trends in computer and its applications regarding
computation, including low-cost microprocessors, high-speed networks, and
software for high-performance computing. They have a wide range of
capability  and deployment, that ranges
from small  cluster networks  with a socket areas full of of nodes to some
of the fastest supercomputers in the world like that of IBM .


cluster networks depends upon the centralized management technique which makes
the nodes available as servers being shared among the network.. It is quite
different from other approachable techniques 
such as “peer to peer “or “grid
computing” which also use many nodes, but with larger in number in
“distributed nature”.5

A computer cluster can  be a simple two-node system which is able to
just connect two personal computers, or a very fast supercomputer. A basic idea and  aim  to
build  a cluster is that of a “Beowulf” cluster
which in able to  be built with a few
personal computers to produce a costly expensive term as an  alternate 
to traditional high performance
computing systems . An early project of cluster system that showed
the viability of the concept was the simplest Stone Supercomputer
architectural PC design.. The developers used Linux toolkit
and the phenomenon of “Message Passing
Interface” through library to achieve high performance at a
relatively much lower cost.7

A cluster can consist of few personal
computers interconnected through a simple network. The cluster network design
and architecture may also be used to achieve very high level of performance.



Evolution of clusters from computer networks:



Reason behind the Customers invented clusters, as soon as they could
not fit all their work on one computer, or needed a backup. The date of the
first is unknown, but it would be surprising if it was not in the 1960s, or
even late 1950s.”

 basis of cluster computing as a means of doing parallel work of any sort
was  invented by “Gene Amdahl” of “IBM”, who in 1967
published what has come to be regarded as the seminal paper on parallel
processing. This article defined the engineering basis for both multiprocessor
computing and cluster computing, where the primary difference is whether or not
the interprocessor communications are supported “inside” the
computer  for example  internal communications bus or network or
“outside” the computer on a commodity network.”

development of customer from computer networks proceeded hand in hand with that
of both networks and the operating system from the early 1970s, as
both of them are project created and formalized protocols for
communications specially designed on networks. The “Hydra operating system” was built for
a cluster of minicomputers called in 1971. However, in 1983 that the
protocols and tools for easily doing job distribution and file
sharing were defined largely within the context. And hence became generally
available commercially, along with a shared filesystem.

of cluster networks:

quorum cluster”

node set cluster”

“Local quorum

“Single node

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