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A boogie wit da Hoodie is a bound bronx rapper coming specifically from highbridge. His real name is Artist j. Dubose born an artist but to shy to perform around others boogie filled up rhymes and secrets in his notebook when he was 12 years old  , after getting in trouble in the rough corners of the bronx his parents moved him down to Florida , things didn’t get any better he was on probation and house arrest. Artist went to Dewitt Clinton High school , where most kids shared there raps but knowing A boogie he was shy and kept his raps to himself , he got in trouble in this school he was caught skipping class , and smoking weed several times after school, which made his family move to Florida hoping to get artist back on track. He graduated High School and went to college to study air conditioning needless to say he didn’t like it and dropped out of college . and he decided to start making music. He started stealing , and dealing enough to save up for some studio time unfortunately he got arrested 5 times for doing this . Artist was stuck on house arrest and his dad bought him a crappy recorder , he started learning how to work music programs on his computer and this gave Artist enough time to take his music seriously .

Artist soonly found a producer named Mr. White where he recorded his first song ‘Temporary” , when he was soonly released of probation A boogie moved back down to the bronx where he started to make a name for himself , he founded with his friend quincy and soonly founded HighBridge the label. Thanks to A boogies first heartbreak he got to come out with his first mixtape named “Artist” , this happened by his girl cheating on him and getting pregnant by someone else’s baby this sparked A boogie by gaining of ton of love by people all around New York soonly the world. In this rap “quiet storm ” A boogie talks about numerous things and the hardships of life.

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