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A peer is person that have the same satus. What makes a peer importance to one’s life? What is a role model adolescent?      Adolescent is the transitional period between puberty and adulthood in human development. It is the process or state of growing to maturity.It is also the period of development, as society preceding maturity. A peer is always be part of the most important social relationship of one’s life. A peer is some one that you can lean on. I will use my life as an example. Now I am a grade 11 student and cherishing my adolescence period. As a normal person I have also friends. Anytime i need them they were always there. I can always share my secrets than sharing it to my parents. Peers are really importance to one’s life. They help you become a complete well-being. In the stage of adolescence peers are always important because it proves that you really know how to interact with others. They play important role to one’s life. They act as your friend. sister or brother. Adolescent stage is the state that you will seek independency with your parents. In this stage also you already make decisions by yourself. Importantly having your peers. But the best peers are those you can see them as your role model. The one who really inspires you to do great things. The one that motivates you to be a good person.  Peers are important m adolescent stage. They often give you good advices and always at your back willing to help you somehow. Always set your peers a role model especially those who were  good influence. As a friend you must also be a role model to one another. Be the one to inspire others that life is beautiful. That life is a great gift of God. That is why ever moment, every second of your life just  cherish it and make importance and be a role model that everybody may follow and do the same as you did that make you successful and at the end f the ady you will find liffe a beautiful one. A teen’s peer can be part of the most important social relationship in teen’s life. But what is the import-ance of peers and a good role model?               Strong peer relationship help teens achieve two of their most critical task which are finding independence from their parents and developing their own personal identities. Peers also contribute more of our development than families. However, adolescence is a time when teens begin to select their own friends, spend consider-ably more time with them and they often do so without parental supervision. A close peer relation-ships are a normal part of being adolescent. Intact, each of strong peer group can cause concern regarding the fact healthy development in teen. On the other hand, teens gets intimate bonds with friends such as sharing feeling and most especially sharing personal secrets. In fact, teens will often connect with others who have the same problems or situation as they look for social acceptance from other sources than their parents. Peers indeed have great importance in adolescence stage. But have in mind that peers may also contribute negative effects. Peers can be the reason that we may follow the wrong way. That is why it is really important being a role model adolescent. The importance of being a role model adolescent is that we can make everybody follow as we go through the right path. Being a role model adolescent is that we must perform the right attitudes and as a friend we must also do such things that will result to be productive. In this stage, our peers may strongly determine preference in the way of dressing, speaking and many other areas of adolescent’s life. On the other side, having friends allow to share experiences and feelings and to learn how to solve conflicts. Friendship is also positively associated to complete well-being. The school is the usual setting where interpersonal relationship formed. Aside from those things, being a good friend, everyone must be the role model to one another.        A role model is the one that makes everyone  follows him or her because he or she perform the good quality a role model should have. The one who leads others to do the iright things. In adolescence stage, there are more things that teens would rather share to peers than parents. It is the reason why we must take things smoothly. If someone really needs help especially he or she really needs need an advice from a friend. We must give that person the best advice we could give. In a friendship, everyone must be a role model. Be matured enough and do things positively. Be cinsiderate and make the right decisions that always result good things. Always bare in mind that a role model must also be a good leader. 

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