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A bias can be simply defined as
an inclination towards a person or a thing 
over the other by lacking objectivity, biases can be  influenced by different factors like region,
relation with the person, race, caste and many other factors, these biases are
considered as unfair means in any business organisation, but along with these
known biases an unknown bias exists which is unconscious bias which results in
biased decisions with out the knowledge of manager which in turn may effect
managers career as well as the company’s future.

It is easy to work on an issue
which is clearly known to everyone but its quite complicated to address an
issue which you don’t even know that it is happening. Some people use
assessments such as Implicit Association test (IAT) such that they will
understand their or their leader’s biases in a better way. However, the
validity of these assessments is still debatable, and there will be a chance to
file a suit against the organisation based on the information from the test.

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Recruitment is a process where unconscious
biases are likely to take part, a few recommendations which would eliminate
these biases to an extent

1)Increase awareness

Increasing awareness helps in
recognising your own bias, understanding the prejudices in hiring, getting
aware yourself, work on negative stereotyping for example if you are think
women are not good for leadership roles check success stories of greatest women
and try to remove that negative stereotyping and a recent research based
suggestion is to improve a positive contact with the group which you may have
some bias, watch your language to identify any other biases

2) Improvising job description &

In a research published by American
Psychology association in 2011 they provided evidence that gendered wording is
also helping in survival of gender inequality, while writing a job description the
masculine words are unlikely to attract female applicants and vice versa. An unstructured
interview process is more likely to include biases than a structured process.

3) Identify elements which might
act as an entry to biases

Keep focus on basic elements like
hiring process, evaluation process, process of promoting and rewarding etc. if
you could find the places where biases have an opportunity to enter you can
focus on those particular elements to reduce biases.  


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