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A village is settled on the border of India, where the Koyank tribes live. Half of these tribals, half of the villages in India come to the village of Myanmar and this village is named Longwa. All the people of this village are considered very hard.Both parts of this village are thirsty for each other’s blood and the head is cut off. Longhwa is the last village of India, situated between the dense forests, from the Myanmar border. The village of konayak is inhabited in this village. There are 16 tribes in this northeastern state of India. Of which the Kyoyak tribals are considered extremely dreadful. Conflicts of power and land for this tribe have been going on for years and the debate continues in every 2-3 days and the dispute becomes so much that people become thirsty for the blood of others. Even people do not miss even cutting.On not understanding the answer to this question, how to divide this clan into two parts, the authorities decided that the borderline would go through the middle of the village but it would not have any impact on the Korak. On the side of the border Border, in Burmese and on the other side the message has been written in Hindi. And from all the problems, there is a headache for the people and the people here. This tribal and this village has the problem of trouble for both the countries since the beginning. In fact, the fight in these tribes has created a lot of bloodsheds and every moment panic continues. This village is becoming quite a problem for both the countries.Kooyak tribals do not like to mean anything to anyone other than their tribes and their own people. Even sometimes their fights are fought on festival and bloodshed starts. The konak tribals are considered one of the most dreaded tribals. Before 1940, they used to cut the head of other people to occupy their clan and their land. Koanak tribals are also called headhunters. Most of these trials were on the top of the hill so that they could keep an eye on the enemies.On the day the murderer and enemy’s head are separated from the Tad, these people consider it a festival and it is considered a memorable event. On this day people celebrate their success and make tattoos on their faces in the village. Though the entire cut was banned in 1940 still there are such incidents even today.In the village of Longwa, there is no government rule in the middle of the Koiyak tribal. The practice of the head of the village goes on. The head here is the head of the four-five villages. And the head has more than one wife and currently, the head of the party has 60 wives. The border of India and Myanmar goes through the middle of this village head of the village. It is therefore said that the head of the food here is in India and the fountain is in Myanmar. Earlier, the tribal used to worship the elements of nature, but now most people have adopted Christianity here.

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