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A R. Rehman is a musician whose songs have such magic that goes down to the people who listen to them. Rahman was born on January 6, 1966 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu capital. His full name is Allah Rakkha Rahman.Rahman is celebrating his 51st birthday today. Rahman’s music does not just relax the heart, but his voice reaches the heart directly. Rahman’s real name was Dilip Kumar, which he did not like at all. Rahman always wanted to change his name. But they were not getting the right opportunity to do so.Rahman’s father was also a musician, and he got heritage in music. Rahman was 9 years old when his father died. When the father went home, the circumstances of the house became such that he had to sell the instruments kept in the house. Rahman’s mother had complete faith in Sufi saint Pir Karimullah. Though his mother believed in Hindu religion.After 10 years of father’s death, we reached Kadri Sahib. This was stated by Rahman in an interview. His health was bad. They used to treat my mother as daughter. During that time the mother served him. During this, he understood that he had to choose a path to move forward. The way of Sufism was liked by both them and the mother. Music was inherited from father. Therefore, they decided to adopt Sufi Islam.About renaming, Rahman once said in the interview that I did not like my name. She did not even suit my image. So they thought of changing names. Once she went to astrology to show her sister’s horoscope. And I talked about changing them to their names. They advised me to name Abdul Rahman and Abdul Rahim. I did not like the name Rahman and mother wanted me to keep Allah Rakha in my name. I liked Rahman’s name and keeping in mind the choice of mother, I named it A.R. Rahman.Tell us today Rahman has made his own identity in Bollywood from Bollywood to Hollywood. Not only this, Rahman has also been awarded the World’s Most Famous Oscar Award, with many Nation and International awards. 

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