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A large portion of the American
society is actively involved in the work force. A diverse economy is a strong
company. Business that embrace our nation’s changing demographic reap the economic
benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce. Business that recruit from a diverse
workforce are better able to find the best and the brightness talent needed to compete
in an increasingly competitive economy. It is generally used to describe those
working for a single company or industry, but it can also apply to a geographic
region like a city, state, or country. Within a company, its value can be
labelled as its workforce in place. ”Some jobs require heavy lifting and long
hours while other jobs may require great customer service. These days,
competition is steep among job seekers it important to know what employers want
in an employee before going in for interview, so they want to see if the
candidates can sell how they would be an asset to the company. At a local Walmart
store in Maryland on Annapolis RD, I investigated the different duties of the
employees as well as the gender responsible for each task to determine if somehow,
society had predetermined roles for men and women to follow.

Walking through the store of Walmart,
I have noticed mainly men and women were involved in the stocking item. Men
were the only one being seen pushing large carts stacked heavy boxes through
the aisles and lifting heavy merchandise and putting items on the top shelves
where females may not be able to reach. The company sees the potential benefits
for having males handle

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stocking the shelves and other manual
labor tasks that women are also physically able to do. Generally, men can do it
quicker and with less accidents than female workers can. Additionally, female limitations
of strength make them less able to transport large, heavy items from one end of
the store to the other as well as placing the items on top shelves behind other
large items. Female can stock in the store, but not heavy lifting. Most female
work in the fitting room because man are employees are not allowed to enter
there because of women privacy.  Most
women at work as cashier.

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