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resource for people planning to visit Urumqi – China



about the city

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Ürümqi is the capital of the Xinjiang
region in Northwest
China. Ürümqi was a major hub on the Silk Road during
China’s Tang dynasty. Now, With an estimated population
of 3.5 million in 2015, Ürümqi is the largest city in China’s western interior.
According to the Guinness Book of Records, Ürümqi has earned a place as the
most remote city from any sea in the world.



The ancient Jushi people were said to be the first inhabitants in this
land. They made a nomadic living on the Tianshan Mountains. Even though Ürümqi
is located near the northern route of the Silk Road, the present day city is relatively young. It was the place
of local government, and collected taxes from the caravans traveling along the silk road.




must-see sights


lake of tianshan


In the center of Bogda Peak, 68 miles east
of Urumqi, rests Heavenly Lake. It covers 1.89 square miles. Its source is
melted snow. In summer, this extremely
beautiful location is an ideal resort. A day in this paradise promises relaxation.


The Xinjiang
International Grand Bazaar


The Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar, also known as International Grand Bazaar Xinjiang, is an Islamic bazaar in Ürümqi, Xinjiang, China. It is the largest bazaar in the world by scale. It is also
one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ürümqi.


Red Hill (Hong Shan)


“Less than 1km away, Yamalike Hill stands
facing Red Hill. Legend has it that in ancient times a red dragon fled from Heavenly Lake and the
Heavenly Empress caught him and sliced him in two with her sword. Later on, the
western part of the dragon turned into Yamalike Hill and the eastern turned
into Red Hill. The sword turned into the Urumqi River. Oddly enough,
topographic pictures tell us the two hills were once one and were separated
into two parts due to stratum rupture.

Eventually, ancient legend affected real life. In 1785 and
1786, floods hit Urumqi causing much destruction. Rumors arose that Red Hill
and Yamalike Hill were growing closer and closer together. Once they met, the
Urumqi River between them would be blocked and the city would become flooded as
the water rose. Therefore, in 1788 Shang An, the highest military officer,
ordered the Zhen Long (in Chinese, to subdue the
dragon) Pagodas built on
both hills. These two pagodas were made of gray brick, 10.5- meter
(34.4-foot)-high with six sides, nine stories, and an octagonal roof.”









time to travel 


is best to visit Urumqi from May to October, because Urumqi winters are
long and very cold. The harvest time for grapes is
from July to October this is a particularly popular time for tourists. The fact
that it is very dry in Urumqi makes the summer temperatures more bearable.



Festivals/ holidays


The Chinese New Year, Friday, February
16, 2018

The Lantern Festival,
Friday, March 2, 2018

The Qingming (Tomb
Sweeping) Festival, kind of like Our Memorial Day.

Double Seven Festival, Saturday, July

The Winter



Places to stay

Sheraton Urumqi Hotel

Ahmad M – “Stayed six nights at the Sheraton Urumqi, and fist
impression was good having just come from two nights at the Grand Mercure
Urumqi. The Sheraton is noticeably better than the Grand Mercure.”

dewei j – “The sheraton in urumqi is right in the city center.
It cost 30-40 cny for a taxi ride from or to the aiport. Lounge staff were
great. There was a nice welcome for spg platinum member. There are great local
beers in the lounge.”


Hoi Tak Hotel Xinjiang

Michael N
– “This place looks impressive from the outside but
needs refurbishing to bring it up to standard. It touts itself as 4 star but is
currently running low 3star without upgrading rooms.”

jennyMalaysia18 – “I went on a 12 days Silk Road package tour and our
first overnight stop is Urumqi – Hoi Tak Hotel. Superficially the Hotel looks
clean and nice.




Places to eat


Rendezvous Cafe



Hidihidiho – “Take the
number 16,912,106 bus out of town to the Si Lu Binguan stop and just there on
your right you’ll find a remarkable home from American/Dutch- style home. This
little cafe nestled just back from the bus stop has a choice of cosy wicker
seating or tables and chairs and serves everything from coffee and tea to
deeeeeelicious chocolate,cream, mocha cakes and a variety of hot
Mexican/American style dishes.”


Zilal91 – “The food is
nice, Specially the “cheeseburger” is one of the best in Urumqi.
Lovely place. Great place for have meal for couple. Simply love it.”

Quanjude Roast Duck


JGDynamo – “Quanjude
Roast Duck Restaurant is a chain of restaurants across China but don’t let that
turn you away as it could very well be your best dining experience in Urumqi.
Beautiful building, top notch service”


adventureseekerJK – “My friend
treated me there in November. There were two of us so we ordered 1/2 a duck.
The duck was carved beside the table and was served with the traditional
wrappers (like thin soft taco shells).”



Additional Sources

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