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 A vehicle of communication in marketing is a
product package itself. The visual nonverbal attributes of packaging shape
offers a field of unlimited creativity. Packaging is the integral part of
marketing mix, it comes under product strategy. This study aims to examine how
this nonverbal attribute of chips package labeling affects consumers’ buying
decision. Different packaging shapes and labeling with combinations of
materials are being used by companies currently.  Some studies have found that labeling results
in sensory perception difference, although the differences were modulated by
individual’s sensitivity to design. To determine this study a survey will be
taken with a sample size of around 100-200 individuals. The individuals
included will mostly be of younger age (20-35) who prefers the product. Other
demographic factors will also be considered in this study moves further. Nutritional
label plays an important role in providing the relevant nutrition information
to consumers. Inclusion of a nutritional label on food items may be an
important packaging decision for the consumers. The choice for word association is
incorporated in questionnaire that includes shapes of different design to know
their preference. It will be further analyzed by relevant statistical











of contents

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1: Introduction

2: Review of Literature

3: Methodology and Data

4: Analysis and Interpretation

5: Summary of Findings

 Chapter 6: Scope for Further Research

 Chapter 7: Conclusions













is known for its culinary delights. A country known for its sugary snacks is
soon making its way to a healthy lifestyle. With a young and tech savvy
population, consumers are emerging as a health conscious population. Labeling
is defining in the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmic Act (FFDCA) in the US as a
written, printed or graphic matter upon any article or any of its containers or
wrappers. Labeling is a subset of packaging. Sellers need to label their
products. The label may be a simple tag attached to the product or an
elaborately designed graphic which is a part of the package.

labeling is found to affect the purchase behavior significantly. Some evidence
reveals the provision of nutrition information may allow consumers to switch
consumption away from unhealthy food products in those food categories toward
healthy products in food categories easily. Improvements in nutrient

intake of the population depend on
the interaction of demand and supply forces in the food markets. . On the demand
side consumers’ interest in the purchase of diets and products with improved
nutritional profiles has a direct effect on nutrient intake.


Indian Potato Chips Industry

being a poor man’s regular diet ensuring sufficient nutrition to a style
statement of the 21st Century, potato has come a long way, blemishing its name
in the process, with the lazy people being named after it as ‘couch potatoes’.
Potato chips is estimated to constitute nearly 85% of India’s total market of
salty snack food market of about Rs 2500 crore. No luxury product has been as
successful in holding the Indian market as the humble potato chips, being liked
both by the young and the old alike.  Chips from well known brands  are seemingly less oily, and it tastes amazing.
Kids and Youngsters have taken branded potato chips as a lifestyle, as a tasty
easy substitute to bite over hunger . But the question arise as to how chips
affect the health of regular chips eaters, some have even vouched for their
loyalty to a particular brand. According to a study potato chips were the biggest
dietary culprits in preventing weight loss. Taking the hint from the market,
various companies are coming up with a variation of packaging and ingredients
and crispiness, but basically all of them are deep fried potato chips which
when once dipped in oil and mixed with salt transforms from a nutrition rich,
no-fat staple food to a high cholesterol snack increasing chances of obesity
and other diseases.

pack of the potato chips and snack food are required to be marked with the
following information:

Name of the product and trademark if any

Name and address of the manufacturer

Batch or code number

Net quantity

Date of manufacture

List of ingredients

Nutritional Claim

Permitted Additives


 j. Best before date

Green dot marking for vegetarian


Introduction to Labeling


Marketers use labeling to their products to bring
identification. This kind of labeling helps a viewer to differentiate the
product from the rest in the shelves of the market. There are several used of
the label for the products in the market.

Labeling is used for packaging the product. In marketing,
a marketer can also use a sticker in edible products to impart knowledge of the
ingredients of the food items. This helps to spread awareness among the
customers about the item they are consuming and labeling also helps to mention

Types of
labeling in marketing

There are various types of labeling in marketing. Let us
check out:



Product Labels

Products need to be branded to help with identification
and play a key role in company brand building programs. Branded Product Labels
need to be securely bonded to the product surface in a way that is best suited
to that product.

There are two types
of branded labels:
•       Removable and
•       Non Removable labels

With permanent labels, the bonding has to be permanent
and the label must be difficult to remove and resistant to a number of factors.

Removable product labels, on the other hand, need to
adhere to the product only until they need to be removed.

Eco or
Information Labels

Data Labels
alternately Eco-Labels are utilized for customer results for example, foodstuff
what’s more quick moving customer products. They would be used to confer data
of the customer over those result. Frequently all these sorts are produced of
eco-friendly substances something like that that they don’t meddle for the
results they are connected with.

There are a number of different label types that are in
common usage around the world that are regular mass produced by specialist
printing services.

What is
product labeling?

Product Labeling is a key feature in marketing. It helps
to market the product allowing customers to know about the item and give
necessary messages including ingredients, instructions, and uses.

Product labeling can be done in a variety of sizes,
materials, and shapes. It plays a key role as a point of sale display in the
market shelves. They can also communicate information about how to handle a
product or how to dispose of it. You can use the labeling for security reasons
so that a product should not be misused. It is for these purposes the labeling
having the logo or the trademark of the company. All these are different types
of uses of the label for a product in the world of business.

What must
you include in your label?

A label needs to comply with the Competition and Consumer
Act 2010 (CCA). This Act is required to give information to consumers, such as:
•       The mandatory consumer product
information standards under the CCA
•       Industry specific regulations, such as
the Food Standards Code
•       Labels required by customs for some
imported products under the Commerce (Trade Descriptions) Act.

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