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A Hole in Our Democracy Donald Trump has once said, “The electoral college is a disaster for democracy” (Savage). Years later, he went on to win the presidency thanks to the college. The electoral college strips away the American people’s rights. There have been 5 times in history where the candidate with the most votes has lost, and it’s all thanks to the electoral college. Our democracy is being ruined, as the people cannot directly vote for the person who they believe will make the right choices, be their representative, be their leader, be their President. Thus, the electoral college should be taken down as it favours some states over others, and it can be easily manipulated. The electoral college forces candidates to favor some states over others. There are many states who almost always vote for the same party, but if the popular vote counted, all candidates would go to those states to get some votes, if not the majority. For example, New York has voted Democratic a majority of time, however if the popular vote counted, rather than the electoral college, “both parties would win something and have to make some … effort to get votes here” (White). Also, many small states possess different perspectives on issues, but they are hardly visited since they don’t provide a lot of electoral votes, and instead candidates focus on bigger states. Davis Roy, a retired businessman, says “a candidate can win very easily with the Electoral College by winning only eleven states!”(Davis). The electoral college cause candidates to focus on the bigger states, and their viewpoints, but disregard the smaller states. In addition, the electors can manipulate the election based on their personal beliefs. “21 states do not have such requirements for their electors; … those electors can vote for whomever they want” (White). By doing so, they are eliminating thousands of millions of votes by voters who took the time out of their day just to cast a vote. Furthermore, “29 states … have laws that issue a fine of up to $1000 to so-called ‘faithless electors’, who do not vote as instructed” (White). A fine of $1000 is nowhere close to compensation for committing treason against huge masses of voters, and the country. Those voters spent hours in line just to cast a vote that might be changed by one person, and that person could get away with it by paying a small fee. The electoral college gives electors the chance to disregard millions of votes, and choose the most powerful person in the country based on their beliefs. Experts may argue that it is “appropriate that states should matter in determining who will be President” (Anderson). After all the states make up the country, and they should be given rights as a whole. However, by giving rights to the states, the rights of individuals are taken away. Since the college is based on population, the people’s votes in small states impact the election more, rather than votes from bigger states. The electoral college is unfair, as it “tips the scale in favor of smaller state; a Wyoming resident’s vote counts 3.6 times as much as a Californian’s”(Time). If the electoral college was taken out, every individual’s vote would be equal. The electoral college takes away individual rights by forcing candidates to focus on certain states, and allowing the electors to manipulate the votes. The electoral college is a tear in our flag of our democracy and it should be taken down. Let the people vote for their leader!

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