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A subjective view of psychological well-being would be to say that we
are happy with our lives. But, this is fraught 
with difficulty since what makes you happy  is unlikely to be the same for service users
or other care workers. So, although our emotions and how we feel are a part of
psychological well-being, it is not enough. In order to feel really good and to
have fulfilling lives, we need to experience purpose and meaning , in addition
to positive emotions. Psychologist Carol Ryff has developed a clear model of
psychological well-being that breaks it down into six key parts:


1, Self acceptance

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2, Positive relations with others

3, Autonomy

4, Environmental mastery

5, Purpose in life

6, Personal growth


If we are to lead practice that promotes social, emotional, cultural,
spiritual, and intellectual well-being , we need to be aware of the factors
that can contribute to this.


Psychological well-being is about enabling service users to experience a
well rounded and balanced life and the emotions that go with this.


The Care Act 2014 defines well-being as a broad concept relating to the
following areas,


personal dignity (including treatment and respect)

physical and mental health and emotional
well-being, protection from abuse and neglect.

Control by the individual over day to day life
(including care and support)

participation in 
work, education, training or recreation.

Social and economic well-being which refers to
being actively engaged with life and with other people and having a positive
standard of living based primarily on financial security

domestic, family and personal issues

suitability of living accommodation

the individuals contribution to society


Ensuring the well-being of the people who use our service and also our
staff requires us as managers to determine how we  might measure the state of well-being. When
things are not going  well and a general
sense of calm is lacking, we start to 
experience stress, worry and anxiety. Our psychological well-being is
compromised and this will then lead to our quality of life being reduced. For
people in our care, this can lead to depression and its subsequent effects on
physical well-being and health.


Maslow  in his hierarchy of need
outlined the things that contribute to a persons well-being as highlighted


The concept of holistic health and well-being incorporates several
different facets which include,








Ewles and Simnett, 1999


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