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A person
whose behavior is characterized by focus and persistence and whose character
eventually becomes part of their personality is said to be charismatic.
Charisma enables people to act out of self-drive and achieve goals that other
people think are impossible. Charismatic individuals can successfully lead
groups and organizations through tough times and projects and get the best
results. Most organizations have grown to great heights due to the charisma of
the individuals in top management positions. I will discuss Nadler’s positive
depiction of a charismatic leader, comparing and contrasting them with those
learnt in class. According to Nadler, charismatic leaders are envisioning,
energizing and enabling and rarely do they exhibit negative traits.

– In his approach, Nadler argues that charismatic leaders are goal-driven and
they work hard with a purpose in mind. He explains that a charismatic leader
first creates a mental picture of a successful, desirable future which other
people can relate to and work towards achieving. The simplest way to achieve
envisioning is by articulating, in dramatic and clear terms, a compelling
vision, which is meaningful, challenging, and worth pursuing (Nadler &
Tushman, 1990). The people must believe that the vision is achievable and
through the leader’s beliefs and effort to work towards it, they can follow
suit. This trait is comparable to the argument that charismatic leaders tell
you what you want to hear, as discussed in class. People like to hear that
visions of prosperity and development are achievable and charismatic leaders
envision that.

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– People working in any organization need to be motivated to perform, and a
charismatic leader energizes them by acting as an example to emulate. Nadler
(1990) says that these leaders demonstrate their enthusiasm and energy in the
job and consequently, others are motivated to work under them. They leverage
their energy and excitement by interacting with many people in the organization,
and they show confidence in their capability to achieve success. Upon attaining
success, they use it to celebrate positive progress towards the vision. This
trait can be compared to manipulation but positively since they make people
behave in a particular way to achieve success. It is however contrary to the
belief that charismatic leaders never get the work done because energizing
fuels the efforts of all participants and success is ultimately attained.

Enabling –
For employees to be in good terms with each other and the management and to
improve performance, they require an enabling environment and psychological
assurance in the face of challenging situations. Charismatic leaders create an
enabling working environment by demonstrating empathy in their ability to
understand, listen and share the emotions of other workers, offering support
where necessary. They also enable employees by demonstrating faith in them and
showing them that they can make it through challenges. This trait contradicts
the belief that charismatic leaders only work for themselves which shows that
they are selfish and inconsiderate. If they were insensitive, they would not
care about other people’s feelings or emotions or even encourage them to work

conclusion, charismatic leaders have more positive than negative character
traits, and not everyone can perform like someone guided by charisma. Many
institutions have failed and even crumbled owing to lack of charisma in leaders
who quit at the end of challenges or benefit themselves to the detriment of
other employees. A charismatic leader helps to unite the workers, improve the
workplace and encourages them that no matter what the challenges are, they can
still make it. It is imperative that leaders become envisioning, energizing and
enabling for the good of institutions and the larger society to increase the
chances of success.

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